Vikings: Valhalla trailer - 4 things the trailer gives away

Vikings: Valhalla gets aired on February 25 (Images via Instagram/ giuliogroebert & netflixvalhalla)
Vikings: Valhalla gets aired on February 25 (Images via Instagram/ giuliogroebert & netflixvalhalla)

We're just a couple of weeks shy of the first episode of the much anticipated Netflix sitcom Vikings: Valhalla. As expected, those who have previously watched the prequel Vikings can hardly wait for its release.

Netflix dropped the official trailer just a day back on their YouTube channel to keep the heat on, and we know we are in for an epic ride through Pagan times.

In this article, we will brief you about five essential things the trailer offers.

Takeaways from the Vikings: Valhalla trailer

1) Kattegat is not forgotten

Kattegat, a fictional Scandinavian village, was the prime location of all the action and drama in Vikings. Even in the trailer of its sequel, we hear the character Harald Sigurdsson mentioning the village. This might indicate that the show has many things planned that have their roots in or around Kattegat.

2) New heroes will rise

Previously in the prequel series, we saw the rise and fall of some legendary heroes in Ragnar Lothbrook, Bjorn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, and many more like them. Similarly, in Vikings: Valhalla, we will also witness the rise of new heroes. As far as the trailer suggests, some of them will be Leif Eriksson, Harald Sigurdsson and Freydís Eiríksdóttir.

3) The London Bridge goes under attack

Attacking the iconic London Bridge is perhaps not a wise idea in modern times, but the Norsemen had different plans back in those days. In the trailer, we see a colossal bridge being taken down during a battle which is nothing but modern-day London Bridge. This scene lays down the stepping stone of all the over-the-top actions we are about to witness in the upcoming sitcom.

4) An epic onscreen bloodbath is on it's way

We all knew this was coming. However, the intensity of blood spilling in the trailer gives us a fair amount of idea of what's getting ready to get unleashed. The Viking saga was and always will be a portrayal of the brutal face-offs ever to have taken place. The trailer showcased how 11th century Scandinavia was the epicenter of some of the bloodiest battles that mankind has ever witnessed.

The sitcom gets aired on February 25, 2022, on Netflix. Get ready for some action-packed and nail-biting moments that you have longed for.

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Edited by Yasho Amonkar