WATCH: Bodycam footage shows LAPD arresting suspect Eric Herrera for stabbing mom with samurai sword

LAPD arrested suspect Eric Herrera for stabbing mom with samurai sword (Image via LAPD)
LAPD arrested suspect Eric Herrera for stabbing mom with samurai sword (Image via LAPD)

Newly released bodycam footage shows a 23-year-old man being detained by the LAPD on suspicion of attempted murder of his mother and her dog. On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the man was seemingly trying to attack his mother with a samurai sword.

The man, Eric Herrera, was accused of trying to kill his 43-year-old mother in a Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire neighborhood.


Eric Herrera refused to cooperate with LAPD and approached them with a sword in hand

At around 11:20 pm, police received a radio complaint about an ongoing assault with a deadly weapon. This prompted the LAPD to visit the 1200 block of Victoria Avenue in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. They said that they received multiple 911 calls for reporting the assault

Police were seen using a Taser to subdue the man, who appeared to be brandishing a pair of swords in the middle of the street. All of this was recorded in a video from one of the LAPD officers' body camera.

The LAPD said that its officers tried to "de-escalate the situation" and gave the suspect commands to put the weapons down. Authorities managed to grab both the swords after tasing the man, which caused him to fall to the ground.

Josh Gordon, a neighbor who lives across the street from the suspect's house, said that Herrera was going through a mental health crisis. Gordon also said that the man was allegedly attacking with what looked like heavy blades, possibly machetes.

Gordon said that Herrera didn't seem to be in a lucid state as he was moving and walking slowly. He added that his main concern was the woman's safety. He continued to state:

“There was a real sense of helplessness watching it happen from across the street.”

According to the LAPD, the suspect's mother received many lacerations on her arm from his sword. Officers gave her first-aid to stem the flow of blood and she seemed to be experiencing labored breathing. She was covered in blood as she told officers that she was bleeding from everywhere.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital by the Los Angeles Fire Department and was found to be in a stable condition. However, according to neighbors, her dog was fatally stabbed, but this wasn't confirmed by the police at the time of writing this article.

The reason behind the attack is also unknown.

Herrera was charged with attempted murder and put in the county jail early on Wednesday. He was given a $1 million bail requirement.

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