WATCH: Shocking video shows man getting randomly stabbed in Midtown Manhattan 

A man getting randomly stabbed in Midtown Manhattan by unknown person (Representative image via GettyImages)
A man getting randomly stabbed in Midtown Manhattan by unknown person (Representative image via GettyImages)

Based on recent video footage and police records, a man was stabbed by an unknown stranger in the midst of Midtown Manhattan in an unprovoked incident that was caught on camera in the early hours of Wednesday, September 7.

Shortly before 1 am, a 34-year-old Manhattan resident was standing on West 36th Street near Broadway when an unidentified man came and stabbed him in the abdomen, according to authorities.


A look at Midtown Manhattan's stabbing case

The victim attempted to fend off the attacker by tossing something at him and jumping backward down the street, but the man came from behind and stabbed him. This entire ordeal was caught in the surveillance video released by the police.

Officials said:

"As the suspect abruptly inserted the knife into his abdomen, the man suffered a deep wound to the stomach."

Reportedly, the victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital in a critical but stable condition.

An unknown suspect approached a victim from behind and slashed her with a box cutter in an unprovoked attack in midtown Manhattan.

Police have urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS as they continue to search for the assailant.

New statistics from the NYPD reveal a startling rise in crime in Manhattan's 6th Precinct

The West Village and Greenwich Village are part of Manhattan's 6th Precinct, which has experienced a stark increase in crime among the five boroughs.

Speaking of shoplifters in Manhattan, owner Muhammed Akmal of the New University Pen & Stationery on Bleecker Street says he is familiar with dealing with them.

Akmal said:

"Sometimes they come two, three times a day. Sometimes they don't show up like two, three days, at least once a week, always something happens."

The 6th Precinct, which includes the hip neighborhoods of the West Village and Greenwich Village, has seen a significant rise in crime, as proved by the most recent NYPD statistics. The numbers show that shoplifting and grand larcenies are contributing to this rise. The locality also includes Washington Square Park, where one man appeared to be taking a bath in the fountain on Thursday afternoon.

Compared to last year, the 6th Precinct of the 77 in the NYPD has had the most significant increase in felony crime. The percentage share stands at 80.2%.

One resident revealed:

"I can see that. It's a drag because I don't even go out at night anymore and that's not me."

Another resident said:

"Wow! adding when asked if the numbers are startling, Yeah it does. It does surprise me."

The statistics indicate that while crime is increasing within the areas monitored by the 6th Precinct, arrests have also increased by 40% in New York City.

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