Orsolya Gaal Person of Interest: Police search for killer caught on surveillance footage, moments after stabbing Queens mom 58 times

Orsolya Gaal's body was found on April 16 stuffed in a duffle bag. (Image via Facebook/Mary Murphy Mystery)
Orsolya Gaal's body was found on April 16 stuffed in a duffle bag. (Image via Facebook/Mary Murphy Mystery)

The missing case of Orsolya Gaal, a New York-based mother of two, has unfolded some gruesome new details related to her death.

The body of the deceased 51-year-old woman was discovered dumped inside a duffle bag on the side of the road, authorities revealed, stating they are still searching for a man who they say is a person of interest.

As per NBC New York, law enforcement insiders informed the outlet that Gaal was stabbed 58 times in the left arm, neck, and torso. They also revealed that the wounds she bore on her hands were likely those of her attempts to fight off the suspect.

According to police sources, the surveillance video revealed a possible suspect in the murder case. As seen on the house security camera footage, the individual was spotted hauling a duffel bag along 75th Avenue, with Gaal's corpse thought to be inside.

According to several law enforcement officials, a guy who knew the victim and had access to her Juno Street house has been identified as a person of interest.

Orsolya Gaal's husband received a creepy text from the alleged suspect

The suspect in the murder of Orsolya Gaal sent a disturbing text message to her husband, Howard Klein, outlet New York Post reported on April 18.

Sources of the investigating authorities told PIX11 that the killer sent a text message to Klein, saying:

“Your whole family is next. Your wife sent me to jail some years ago... I’m back.”

Klein told the outlet that there were “concerns about our safety."

Orsolya Gaal told her youngest son that she was going out to see a performance, but actually met up with another guy, according to NYPD sources. Her body was found on April 16, about half a mile away from her home, by a man who came out for jogging.

According to reports, on April 16, a teen who lives at the residence was questioned by police and afterwards released. Investigators suspect Gaal was assaulted in her basement while her 13-year-old son was on the home's upper floor.

According to law enforcement authorities, the blood trail led officers to her nearby house. On April 18, detectives remained at the house and removed evidence bags.

According to police, the woman's husband and another son were out of town when her corpse was discovered, visiting universities on the West Coast, and were returning to New York City in the aftermath of her alleged murder.

There have been no arrests, and authorities are still uncertain about the reason for the homicide.

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