WATCH: Video shows gunman open fire on Bronx Street in broad daylight

The Bronx accounts for nearly a third of New York
The Bronx accounts for nearly a third of New York's murder rate (image via NYPD)

On Friday, September 9, 2022, a gunman on New York's Bronx street was recorded firing multiple shots at a group, injuring four of them.

News12 reported that the incident, which took place at 4.40 pm at Pelham Parkway NYCHA development, was noted by locals for its brazenness, as broad daylight shootings are not commonly reported in the area.

Trigger warning: The following video contains violence. Viewer's discretion is advised.


In the video, a man in a hooded sweatshirt and surgical mask can be seen approaching four men on a park bench before drawing a firearm and shooting at them. He then fled the scene, reportedly escaping down Wallace street towards Matthew Avenue.

New York authorities have requested citizens to step forward if they have information on the shooting. As of now, the suspect has not yet been identified.

Details of the Bronx Street shooting

According to CBS, the four victims of the shooting were all taken to a hospital in stable condition.

Among the victims, one of them was a 22-year-old who sustained a bullet wound to the ankle. Another victim, a 26-year-old, was hit in the buttocks. The third one was a 29-year-old who was also struck in the buttocks, and the last victim was a 29-year-old who was hit in the foot. However, the injuries are not considered life-threatening.

New York authorities are yet to determine what may have led to the shooting. One resident of the area, Anthony Fuentes, said that the incident has shocked the residents who previously considered it to be a relatively safe area.

Adding to this, Fuentes further said:

"Pelham projects are very good projects. I’m surprised for something like this to happen."

Audacy reported that on Saturday, September 10, 2022, two others were injured on the Bronx street in a separate gun violence incident.

Crime on Bronx Street

Despite residents' claims that the area is safe, the neighborhood has been no stranger to violence. In a May Press release, District Attorney Darcel Clark drew attention to the relatively high number of shootings in the area, blaming gang culture and music that glorifies violence.

Clark said:

“I am calling on rappers from the Bronx to stop using music to encourage shootings and use it to better the community."

He continued:

I am asking to have a summit with aspiring rappers and the rap stars who come from the Bronx, record companies, radio stations and social media so we can find solutions to prevent further violence.”

The comments were made after an incident in which alleged gang members supposedly went on a spree of violence, allegedly injuring one rival gang member across a spate of six shootings.

Clark further stated:

“These defendants allegedly engaged in gun violence, committing six shootings, one which injured a rival gang member."

The incident, along with the recent Friday shooting, highlights that despite growing perceptions about the importance of safety in the city, authorities cannot remain complacent about such happenings.

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