WATCH: Viral video shows 6-year-old girl escaping alleged abduction attempt in Hamilton

McPherson was arrested and charged with third-degree felonies (Image via Butler County Jail)
McPherson was arrested and charged with third-degree felonies (Image via Butler County Jail)

An everyday chore turned into a horrific event for a 6-year-old girl from Hamilton, Ohio. The young girl, Ken'Adi Nash, was assaulted by a passerby while taking out the trash on the evening of August 24. It is also speculated that it was an attempt to kidnap the young girl.

The accused has been identified as 33-year-old Deric McPherson. In the video footage of the incident, McPherson is seen pulling her towards him but soon lets her go after the young girl starts screaming. Reportedly, he also touched her private parts.

The victim has since come out to speak about the ordeal she faced in an interview with Good Morning America (GMA).

"This guy walks by and he touched me. He pulled me."

Nash's quick reaction to the attempted kidnapping was praised as her screams were why McPherson let her go.

She said:

"He just let go of me because I screamed."

The entire incident lasted only 10 seconds and was captured by a doorbell camera installed at Nash's home in Hamilton.

Police have arrested McPherson and detained him at the Butler County Jail in Hamilton. He has been charged with third-degree felonies, including gross se*ual imposition of someone under 13.

Attempted kidnapping in Hamilton: Family says incident forever "etched" in minds

After she managed to break free from the accused, Ken'Adi ran back inside her Hamilton home and told her father what happened. The next thing Ricky Nash, Ken'Adi's father, did was follow McPherson and contact law enforcement.

"I chased him like he still had my kid. Definitely didn't want him to be able to go snatch another kid."

He eventually caught up to McPherson in the parking lot of Terry's Automotive, a local auto repair shop in Hamilton. There, Ricky Nash found McPherson trying to hide inside an "old Dodge caravan."

Video footage captured by the surveillance camera at the Hamilton auto shop shows McPherson walking down 4th Street. Ricky Nash was in his car when Mcpherson tried to hide. The accused then crossed 4th Street.

Fortunately, police were soon able to arrest McPherson for the crime.

"When the cops put him in handcuffs, it took so much anguish away."

Mandie Nash, Ken'Adi's mother, said:

"It's forever etched in our minds — that scream. So it'll always be with us."

She added:

"I'm so proud of her. So proud of her. Because as soon as she screamed, he let go. So obviously, you know, it does work."

Callahan Walsh, a child advocate at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, speaking to GMA, said:

"We've been analyzing attempted abductions for over a decade at the National Center for Missing Exploited Children and we know that over 83% of the time, when a child is able to get away from their would-be abductor, it's something that they did proactively, like kicking, screaming or pulling away, exactly what she did in this case. She's the reason why she's home safe tonight."

Walsh also suggested:

"These are things that you can teach your young kids, the basics of child safety, but of course, as they get older, so should the messaging. Make sure when you start young that it's simple, it's easy for kids to understand and it's not overwhelming."

Ricky and Mandie said that all four of their daughters had been taught to fight off an attacker.

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