"We don't need a Joker 2": Twitter has mixed reactions to rumours of Todd Phillips creating a sequel to Joker

Still of Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker" (Image via Warner Bros.)
Still of Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker" (Image via Warner Bros.)

It looks like Joker 2 has been in development behind-the-scenes for quite some time. But are DC fans all for it?

Todd Phillips’ R-rated DC origin flick, "Joker" initially had no plans to build a franchise on its popularity. But it seems fans' plea has finally greenlit a second installment to explore the gritty universe of Arthur Fleck.

According to a report from THR, The Elseworld-based “Joker” is reportedly moving forward with Phillips attached to co-write - what’s being dubbed by Twitter as “Joker 2.” However, it looks like fans are divided after learning the Clown Prince of Crime would return.

Some fans' concerns point to the "Joker" film’s influence from Martin Scorsese’s psychological thriller, "Taxi Driver". Since the acclaimed R-rated classic did not develop a sequel, fans feel "Joker" should follow in its footsteps.

Meanwhile, the DC film community seemed excited to learn the news. Since a sequel could explore an arc involving Batman.

Todd Phillips not attached to direct Joker 2?

Fans will remember the end of "Joker" setting up Bruce Wayne/Batman’s arc with the demise of their parents in the alleyway. Though it wasn’t Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck directly responsible for their death. The lawless chaos by Joker’s minions led to a masked clown man killing Thomas and Martha Wayne.

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Many weren’t impressed by the idea of a sequel that follows Joker’s confrontation with the Dark Knight. Nothing is certain at the moment but that hasn’t stopped fans’ dissent across social media. Readers can check out the reactions below.

The 2019’s Joker was penned by Scott Silver ("8 Mile", "The Fighter") and Phillips. There’s no word yet on whether the latter will return to takeover directorial duties for the second installment. Also, currently, the planned sequel does not have a main writer signed on.

It must be noted that the vague info-drop from THR doesn’t offer much detail except that the “next Joker instalment” is in the works. It’s uncertain if it would be a direct sequel or would rather explore the forthcoming planned film as an anthology.

"Joker" still remains as the few R-rated comic book movies to earn over $1 billion at the global box office. Furthermore, Joaquin Phoenix’s breathtaking performance also won him an Academy award for Best Actor.


No wonder Warner Bros. plans to develop more DC properties following its Elseworld Joker origin story.

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