Welcome to Flatch Season 1 cast: Seann William Scott, Aya Cash, and others star in new Fox mockumentary

Welcome to Flatch season 1 (Image via Fox)
Welcome to Flatch season 1 (Image via Fox)

Fox is all set to debut its latest comedy, Welcome to Flatch, on March 17, 2022. The mockumentary-styled comedy will explore a crew of filmmakers who go to the colorful rural town of Flatch in order to make a documentary. Their research will lead them to intriguing people from the town, who form the backbone of the sitcom.

Fox settled on a rather unusual release schedule, putting out seven episodes at once. They plan on feeding the viewer's binging habits as a way of promoting this comedy series. The pilot episode of the show is directed by Paul Feig.

Welcome to Flatch also boasts an intriguing cast, including the likes of Seann William Scott. Read on for more details about the cast of Welcome to Flatch.

Seann William Scott as Father Joe

Seann William Scott is no stranger to comedies, with an illustrious career stretching from Cop Out to American Pie. The actor plays one of the primary roles in the new Fox comedy. His character, Father Joe, is one of the non-locals of the village, whose editor wife just broke off with him after coming to the village.

Seann William Scott is known for various films and TV shows, mainly in comic roles. His works include Goon, Role Models, Road Trip, Bloodline, The Rundown, among others.

Aya Cash as Cheryl

You're the Worst star Aya Cash plays Father Joe's wife, Cheryl. Cheryl is a newspaper editor who is new to the town of Flatch. She and Father Joe split up after shifting to the village.

Aya Cash has worked in films like Mary Goes Round, Game Over, Man!, Social Animals, Scare Me, We Broke Up, among others. She has also worked in TV shows like Easy and The Newsroom.

Other cast members of Welcome to Flatch

The other cast members of the mockumentary include Chelsea Holmes as Kelly, Sam Starley as Shrub, Taylor Ortega as Nadine, Krystal Smith as Big Mandy, and Justin Linville as eager Mickey. This fascinating bunch will be part of the hilarious small town, which will be the crust of the sitcom.

The premise is certainly promising, and the cast is an intriguing bunch. The first episode of the show will air on March 17, 2022, on Fox. Stay tuned for more updates.

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