What is BarkAir? Influencer Melanie Demi goes viral after sharing her experience of trying dog-friendly airline 

BarkAir is a special airline for dogs (Image via Instagram/ @barkair)
BarkAir is a special airline for dogs (Image via Instagram/@barkair)

Known for posting videos of dog-friendly adventures, influencer Melanie Demi recently went viral after posting her BarkAir experience. Melanie shared an extensive video of taking her dogs on a New York to LA flight, and her reel garnered a lot of positive traction, given that dog owners would rather have their dogs travel with them than cargo.

BarkAir is a subsidiary of the dog-focused brand owner BARK and CEO and co-founder of the band Matt Meeker, who has been working toward pet-friendly airlines for over a decade. As per the pet-friendly airline's website:

"BARK Air is here to deliver a white paw experience. We built our flight experience for dogs first, from the ground up."

Additionally, CEO Matt Meeker ensures personal involvement in the process, as shown in Melanie Demi's reel wherein Matt addressed the flight passengers before takeoff, and the dogs were given a menu and earmuffs for their journey.

"They have a trained vet tech on every flight to help monitor & care for the dogs" — Influencer mentions multiple benefits of flying pets via BarkAir

On April 12, 2024, the dogs-first airline officially announced the "100% totally real airline for dogs," mentioning that there weren't any dog-friendly options for air travel. BarkAir officially flew for the first time from New York to Los Angeles on May 22, 2024, and its inaugural flight consisted of six dogs and 11 humans, including the crew.

In her reel covering her experience on the dogs-first airline, influencer Melanie Demi mentioned that each flight will be different based on how the dogs interact, meaning precautions will be taken if any nervous or reactive pets are on board. She also mentioned:

"They have a trained vet tech on every flight to help monitor & care for the dogs, who is also trained in first aid + CPR for all breeds in case of emergencies."

Stating the price for the air services, Melanie mentioned that the LA to New York flights cost $6000 per human inclusive of 1 dog and New York to London costs $8000. She also mentioned that while the pricing isn't viable for many, the airline's goal is to change that.

What can dog owners expect from BarkAir?

According to the official website of the Dogs-first airline, a concierge will connect with the pet owners upon booking to collect information about their dog and travel plans. On the day of travel, the dog owners and pets will undergo a simple check-in and security screening process without the hassle of stressful lines and crates.

The flights used by BarkAir are Gulfstream G5s, which the airlines never book to their full capacity to ensure enough space for everyone and their dogs. Additionally, the flights are prepared with calming aids like warm lavender-scented refreshment towels and music to help the pets settle in.

BarkAir's website also mentions that the concierge will also have a "just in case" bag consisting of leashes, calming treats, and poop bags, in addition to which an array of BARK-branded treats will be served to the canines throughout their flight duration.

Influencer Melanie Demi claimed her BarkAir experience was "incredible," and the dogs-first airline also launched a creative campaign to promote their services.

On April 12, 2024, CEO Matt Meeker sat inside the cargo used to transport dogs via air and sat in an aircraft within the cargo cage as well. The experiment resonated with pet owners, and so far, the airline has been currently traveling to London, New York, and LA and will add Paris to its list of destinations soon.

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