Meet Stray Kids’ pets: An introductory guide to the idols’ furry children

Stray Kids members Lee Know and Bang Chan with their pets (Image via Twitter)
Lee Know and Bang Chan with their pets (Image via Twitter)

The eight-member boy band Stray Kids are animal lovers and their interactions with cats and dogs have gone viral on the internet multiple times.

The band members’ fondness for cute little joyous creatures is also why fans love them. From Lee Know playing with wild cats to Changbin goofing around with dogs on set, the boy band has bombarded animals with all their affection.

Owning a pet, especially in the K-pop music industry, is rather common. While BLACKPINK’s Lisa exudes pet-mom vibes on the Instagram account especially made for her six pets, other artists have written songs for their snuggle bears as well.

Idols love to spend their free time with their pets to feel a sense of calm and tranquility and Stray Kids are no exception to this. Away from the buzz and glamor of the K-pop industry, they await to get home and play with their little fluffballs. They truly are the happiest when around their pets and the contentment on their faces is everything fans wish for.

In light of this, let’s look at all the group members who are pet owners.

Meet Stray Kids members’ pets: An introduction to parenthood

Stray Kids members are often seen bouncing around and having the time of their lives. Their carefree personalities and goofy aura truly come out when they spend time with their much-loved pets. Like any family member, they are taken care of and showered with kisses and cuddles. They are rays of light in the otherwise hectic and exhaustive routines of the fourth-gen idols.

1) Lee Know and the holy trinity

Stray Kids’ dance leader Lee Minho, professionally known as Lee Know, is an ailurophile. His love for feline creatures transcends all boundaries and his ownership of three cats, namely Soonie, Doongie, and Dori, is a testament to the same. Lee Know loves to shower his cats with love and affection, glimpses of which have broken the internet multiple times.

The K-pop idol adopted Soonie when he was in middle school, Doongie from someone he knew, and lastly, the maknae Dori from a pet rescue website. He has also developed a knack for cat mimicry and his iconic impersonation of how cats drink water was nothing short of perfection.

2) B for Bang Chan, B for Berry

The leader and oldest member of Stray Kids, Bang Chan, is a dad to Berry. Berry is a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Several moments between the adorable duo, such as Berry kissing Chan’s face while he pulls away, resurface on the internet from time to time.

Although the K-pop idol rarely gets to meet his cuddle-bug owing to his hectic schedule, even a few days with her rejuvenates Chan. The artist is currently visiting his family in Australia, which gave him an opportunity to spend quality time with Berry after almost three years. He also conducted a VLive, Chan’s Room episode 172, featuring his adorable pet child.

3) Han and his fluffball

The all-rounder of Stray Kids, Han Ji-sung, is a dad to a dog named Bbama. Bbama is a Bichon Frise and resembles a fluffball. His white fur reminds one of a snowball and is the reason why fans are obsessed with him.

He is an active dog who loves to play around with Han and shower him with his licks and kisses. Bbama is petite and small, which makes him even more endearing and cute. Fans love to see Han and his pet baby bond like a true father-son duo and rightly so.

4) Hyunjin and Kkami

Stray Kids’ lead dancer Hwang Hyun-jin, commonly referred to as Hyunjin, has a long-haired Chihuahua, Kkami. The snuggle-bear has been seen in many of Hyunjin’s Vlogs and fans love the relationship they share.

Hyunjin also had a little puppy named Kkomi when he was younger, who unfortunately passed away. It was only then that he brought home Kkami with the intention of his two pets becoming siblings. He also made a song titled Little Star to commemorate his time with Kkomi and offer a tribute.

Although currently only three out of eight Stray Kids members are pet owners, other members have expressed their desire to adopt some soon. Not only do they love to play around with their bandmates' pets but they treat them with the same affection and care. Fans are now manifesting other group members to soon adopt pets and break the news to them.

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