Best of Stray Kids: 5 hilarious Chan's Room episodes

Stray Kids' Bang Chan holds a weekly livestream where he talks to fans. (Image via @raeluvsskz/ Twitter)
Stray Kids' Bang Chan holds a weekly livestream where he talks to fans. (Image via @raeluvsskz/ Twitter)

As the leader of Stray Kids, Bang Chan makes it his duty to interact with fans regularly. To achieve this objective, he holds a weekly VLive broadcast titled Chan's Room, where he connects with fans, answers their questions, and gives out music recommendations. Sometimes, he convinces other members to join in, which leads to equal parts chaos and entertainment.

Often described as comforting and healing, the livestreams seem to be an opportunity for Channie, as he is affectionately called, to check in on STAY (the Stray Kids fanbase). He flits between Korean and English, trying to accommodate fans from different countries. The broadcast leaves viewers feeling warm and content.

5 funniest Chan's Room episodes with Stray Kids' Bang Chan

Chan's Room can often be silly and amusing due to Bang Chan's adorable rambling, STAYs trying pickup lines in the chat, and Stray Kids members providing their own unique dose of playfulness.

Here are five hilarious Chan's Room episodes that will make viewers laugh.

1) Episode 100: 3Racha in colorful trackpants ft. Han calling Changbin a walrus

The producer-rapper trio 3RACHA, as formidable as they are when seriously working on music, can be quite amusing when they are just joking around. Han and Changbin starred as guests on the 100th episode of Chan's Room, which led to humorous results.

The three Stray Kids members were dressed in bright trackpants, which they revealed after much fuss, even crossing their legs to show off their wonderful clothing choices.

The contrast between their black T-shirts, denim jackets, and colored pants (purple for Bang Chan, pink for Han, and red for Changbin) was stark, causing viewers to marvel at the tenacity of 3RACHA. They kept arguing about being confident after they had already decided to make a fashion statement.


Bang Chan convinced a hesitant Han to record his part in the pre-existing song he made called Can't Live Without Seo Changbin. Han started off seriously, but then compared Changbin to a walrus, which led him to start giggling during his recording.

The sudden reference to the sea mammal induced uproarious laughter in Bang Chan too, while Changbin sulked at the supposed resemblance. Meanwhile, fans joined in on the fun by making the word "walrus" trend on Twitter, exasperating Changbin.

2) Episode 69: Speculating the pronunciation of "vlog," STAY's pickup lines, and Chan's messy hair


Bang Chan, as the host of his weekly show, is adorable, talkative, and wildly entertaining. While having other members of Stray Kids on the show has its appeal, the 1997-born singer is charming in his own right when alone.

Starting the Vlive with Gone Days, he said hello and then admitted that he had no make-up on. After debating the spelling of the word "vlog" for a few minutes, Bang Chan started reading comments from fans, who came prepared with their best pickup lines.

The one that made the charismatic leader giggle was, "If you were a transformer, you'd be Optimus Fine." He also played a few songs and refused to share his new favorite hoodie. Finally, he explained a funny edit he noticed online where a child runs into a door, starts screaming, and the scream leads into Stray Kids' District 9.

All in all, it was a fun and entertaining livestream that is bound to put a smile on the viewer's face.

3) Episode 90: Chan and Lee Know fanboying over Park Hyo-shin, teasing fans, and talking about Lee Know's cats


After eighty-nine episodes, Lee Know finally made his debut on Chan's Room, promising to return on the 180th and 270th episode in the future to keep his appearances special. Chan and Lee Know spoke about their tastes in music, Felix's ASMR, and Lee Know's cats.

Stray Kids' eldest members had a blast and entertained fans with their easy and amusing camaraderie. Lee Know joked about accidentally pressing the report button on fans' comments, which alarmed Bang Chan for a second.

The leader then asked about playing with snow, to which Lee Know deadpanned and said that his hands get too cold while touching snow. The main dancer of Stray Kids then proceeded to narrate an incident from his past where he accidentally touched snow near a utility pole where an animal had "marked its territory."

Chan was curious about Lee Know's cats as well, to which the 1998-born singer replied that he was like their servant and catered to their every need.

The duo also listened to a few songs by Park Hyo-shin and agreed that he was an amazing singer whose high notes evoked emotional responses. They spent a significant amount of time expressing affection for the singer and fanboying over his songs. Any Stray Kids fan who has had the chance to attend the group's concert will relate to it.

4) Episode 48: Felix and Bang Chan being hilarious ft. Felix's egg and the boys reacting to JYP


Felix and Bang Chan have one of the sweetest friendships in Stray Kids. Not only are they both Australian but they also have a laid-back and casual approach to things which allows them to be comfortable around each other.

Felix started the video by being out of frame, with the top of his head and hand making occasional appearances, while Bang Chan talked and played songs. Eventually appearing on camera, Felix recommended a few songs while holding an egg that he got from a friend. Chan then dropped the egg, but it did not cause a mess since the egg was cooked.

The two also reacted to a music video by their boss, JYP Entertainment founder and producer J. Y. Park, vibing with the music and complimenting the latter for his acting skills.

5) Episode 95: The creation of Can't Live Without Changbin ft. Kkulchong, Changbin and Bang Chan laughing at themselves


A well-admired trait of Bang Chan is his ability to make music on the fly, even for seemingly frivolous pursuits. When Changbin starred on his show, the two decided to make a song about him, adding somewhat sentimental lyrics and rap verses as well. The result was Can't Live Without Changbin, to which Han added his verse in Episode 100.

The show offered a glimpse into how some of Stray Kids' famous tracks are written - with a lot of back-and-forth, ideas thrown about, and random giggles because music-making is a hilarious pursuit.

Can't Live Without Changbin might just be the funniest song for the sole reason that Changbin decided to scream "Kkulchong" into the microphone after talking about being hungry and Stray Kids maknae I.N. got mad at him. It all went into the final cut, creating a song that sounds touching but features many absurd lyrics.


The final cut of the song, with Han's verse, Chan's beautiful vocals, and Changbin's random sound effects, is a masterpiece. The inimitable trio of 3RACHA deserves all the appreciation and love.

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