5 skills that make Stray Kids' Han Jisung an Ace

Stray Kids' main rapper, Han Jisung (Image via The Silly TV)
Stray Kids' main rapper, Han Jisung (Image via The Silly TV)

Stray Kids' Han Jisung celebrated his 21st birthday on September 13, leaving Twitter in an uproar. Known lovingly as Quokka, Han is a multi-talented K-pop idol, possessing all the skills of a true musician.

At just 21 years of age, he is the main rapper, lead vocalist, producer, lyricist and dancer in the JYPE group, Stray Kids.

He debuted with JYPE when he was 17 and was active before that as a member of the rap trio, 3RACHA, with Stray Kids' Bang Chan and Changbin. A fan tweet once said, "Han Jisung is a K-pop group in himself", and it stands true. He is time and again called an 'Ace', as he quite literally excels at everything.

Note: The list is not a ranking and reflects the views of the writer.

A look at what makes Stray Kids' Han Jisung an Ace

1) Fast Raps

Han is one of the fastest K-pop rappers currently. He can rap 9.25 syllables per second, making everyone wonder how long he can even hold his breath. He left multiple idols, seniors and juniors alike, surprised with his performances on Mnet's Kingdom. Especially during the Colors Mayfly performance, he showcased his incredibly fast rap skills, making everyone's jaw drop.

2) Belting high-note Vocals

Even though Han started as a rapper, his vocals are no joke. He has shown his absolute prowess when it comes to singing multiple times - whether Stray Kids' songs, solo releases via SKZ-TALKER, live on Vlive, or the iconic Kingdom stage of BTOB's I'll Be Your Man. He rapped, sang and danced to perfection!

3) Songwriting Skills

Han has been writing songs since he was a kid. He is an incredible songwriter who knows exactly how to tug at listeners' heartstrings with his words. His diverse songs range from talking about the fear of growing up, inner struggles, heartbreak, being alone and more.

As 3RACHA, the rap unit of Stray Kids and even as a member, he has participated in almost all of the groups' songs. If we only see the official list, Han is the youngest idol member to have more than 80 songs registered on KOMCA.

4) Han Jisung, the flexible dancer

Ticking off all the checklist for a K-pop idol, Han is great at dancing as well. Whether it be expressions or intricate choreography, Han always makes it work. He can easily be described as one of the lead dancers in the group too.

Han Jisung's dance is always on point and powerful, no matter his position.

5) The Duality King

Last but not least, Han Jisung becomes an entire package with his aegyo and fun gestures! While the entire group is full of comedians, Han's humor is always up a notch. His on-screen presence and rap tone is explosive and powerful, but behind the scenes, he's a cute Quokka that loves teasing his members!

Wishing the all-rounder ace Han Jisung a very happy birthday.

Edited by R. Elahi
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