10 of Stray Kids' most replayed parts from their music videos

K-Pop group Stray Kids are one of the most prominent fourth generation groups in the K-pop industry. (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)
K-Pop group Stray Kids are one of the most prominent fourth generation groups in the K-pop industry. (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stray Kids debuted under JYP entertainment in 2018 post a survival show of the same name. Having spent only five years in the industry, they have already created a niche for many rookie groups by their impressive composition, song writing skills and their distinct “mala” sound.

Stray Kids’ music focuses on self-discovery in the midst of this maze-like world, as they pack their energies together to generate quality tracks. Their choreography is intense and their heavy electronic influence sends the audience into an adrenaline rush that only a few can achieve.

A major plus point of Stray Kids’ is that they’re one of the few self-producing idol groups. Members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han are the group’s in-house production trio, also known as 3RACHA. Stray Kids' discography since the group's debut has been seen with the 3RACHA credits as they have carved the group’s identity – from lyrics to composition to production.

Take a look at the most replayed segments of Stray Kids' 10 music videos

1) God's Menu


This iconic song from the album Go - Live has already earned a whopping 330 million views since its release in 2020. Stray Kids came into the mainstream limelight with the music video where they play perfect chefs who cook up the recipe to international fame and glory.

The most replayed section for God’s Menu lies at 1:20 where member Felix sends shivers down everyone's spine with his unbelievable bass as he sings, "cooking like a chef, I'm a five-star Michelin," which has now become synonymous with the group’s identity.

2) Back Door


Stray Kids' achieved a major feat with this one. The single Back Door was selected by Time Magazine in their list of Top 10 best songs of 2020. The unique influence of jazz, R&B, theatrical airhorns, and a chorus that featured elements of both trap and EDM was experimental and rebellious. The video garnered over 250 million views.

The choreography was equally engaging and involved portions of jazz as well.

The most replayed moment of the song was Hyunjin's iconic knock at 1:01 in his bubble gum pink long hair. Back Door is similar to God’s Menu in terms of going down in history as one of the most catchy and unique K-pop songs.

3) Thunderous


The song from Stray Kid's album NOEASY has garnered 212 million views at the time of writing. Thunderous is a catchy single in which Stray Kids celebrate their own selves and the qualities that make them stand out and help them fight harder.

The most replayed section occurs at 3:18 with maknae I.N building the pre-chorus as he charismatically walks alone in a fog of smoke in his stunning black hanbok. With a swift transition, it then gives away to the catchy chorus performed by Lee Know in the centre.

4) Miroh


Stray Kids won their first Daesang nomination with this album at the Seoul Music Awards and the Gaon Chart Awards - Quarter 1 in 2020. The single produced by 3RACHA (Changbin, Han and Bang Chan) is a mix of sounds, rhythms, chants and animal noises.

The addictive hook makes it the perfect track to vibe to, whether one is in the gym or at the club. Quite unsurprisingly, Changbin's impressively tight rap makes it the most viewed segment of the music video. The music video has garnered over 150 million views till date.

5) My Pace


Stray Kids' debut single is adorable to say the least. The artists jam to the uniqueness of their pace in a world that sprints too fast towards their goals.

Its most replayed segment is once again Changbin's iconic “Nananana” at 0:31 in his cheeky, rusty voice as he sets the tone and rhythm of the song, while lounging in a cool ride. This music video has over 100 million views at the time of writing.



Stray Kids' MANIAC has fans already smashing the replay buttons to re-watch its cool superhero themed music video. It is from the group’s album ODDINARY, which was one of only two K-pop albums on Billboard’s Best Albums of 2020 list.

The most replayed section occurs at 0:56 as Lee Felix hooks the audience by drilling the screen, introducing addictive and sharp choreography. The video has over 99 million views till date.

7) District 9


The song was released as a sampler on the pre-debut album I am Not. It helped Stray Kids build a strong fanbase by convincing the audience of their massive potential. District 9 is considered one of the classics in Stray Kids discography as it paved the way for the type of experimental music the group has become synonymous with.

The most replayed section is at 1:36 with Han's conviction filled rap as he engages fans with the sheer quality and spectrum of his voice. This video has garnered over 60 million views at the time of writing.

8) Double Knot


The most impressive part of this already adrenalin-packed track is its choreography, apart from the addictive EDM hook in the chorus. Elements of trap, hip hop and electronica are sewn together to produce a track that expresses the group's conviction and readiness to face all odds and continue to progress.

Hyunjin takes centre stage in its most replayed section, the chorus, as he delivers every ounce of energy through his expressions with a powerful and sharp performance. The video has over 60 million views at the time of writing.

9) Hellevator


Released in 2017 as a pre-debut single, Hellevator was performed on the group's survival show. It soon became popular and is now another classic in the group's discography.

Written by the rap line 3Racha, the song is based on themes like depression and societal pressure. Stray Kids compares their dark days to hell, then uses the same to lift themselves to new beginnings.

Gathering over 96 million views, the boys delivered yet another hard-hitting choreography on a track that most of their fans could relate to. The most replayed moment of the song occurs at 1:10 during the chorus as the boys are seen taking a break from their problems and basking in each other's company to have some fun.

10) Venom


Venom is a B-side track of Stray Kids' album ODDINARY and is yet another mind-blowing addition to the group's experimental sounds with a futuristic bass-style anti-drop in the chorus.

The track weaves a web around the members frantic need to escape from some dark and dreary place. The video has been praised for the members' visuals. Dressed up in black leather outfits paired with jewels designed like cobwebs as the members manage to do both, intimidate and dazzle. The music video has over 28 million views at the time of writing.

The most iconic moment of the video is at 1:18 when Hyujin sends fans into a frenzy with his laid-back rap and striking expressions.

K-pop group Stray Kids were monster rookies for a reason. They've already won 28 awards, including a Daesang for best performance at MAMA 2021. Many of Stray Kids’ impressionable songs and hook choreographies have become a classic must-know of the K-pop industry.

The group recently made it to No. 1 of the Billboard Top 200 making them the only K-pop group apart from BTS and Super M to achieve this feat. They also became the only JYP artist to enter at No. 1 on Billboard Top 100 artists.

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