Stray Kids awarded first-ever Studio CHOOM trophy for 50M views on ‘God’s Menu’

Stray Kids 'God's Menu' MV behind cut (Image via @StrayKidsGlobal/Twitter)
Stray Kids 'God's Menu' MV behind cut (Image via @StrayKidsGlobal/Twitter)

On January 25, MPD network celebrated Stray Kids becoming the first-ever artist to reach a whopping 50 million views on their performance video on Studio CHOOM.

God's Menu, released on June 21, 2020, became the first performance video to surpass 50 million views among the self-producing idol group's multiple performances. Studio CHOOM awarded the group their first-ever trophy with a message and posted an interview with them to celebrate the incredible feat.

Celebrating '神메뉴(God's Menu)' 50million Views🏆 #BE_ORIGINAL 최초 5천만 뷰의 주인공! Stray Kids의 축하 메시지가 도착했습니다🖤 스트레이 키즈와 스테이 분들에게 진심 어린 감사를 표합니다🙌 #StrayKids #神메뉴 #스트레이키즈 @Stray_Kids

Stray Kids becomes first and fastest artist to reach 50 million views on Studio CHOOM

The eight-member self-producing idol group made an explosive comeback on the global charts with God’s Menu from the album GO LIVE in 2020. The irresistible lyricism with sprinkles of Korean language puns, the addictive air-knife choreography, and the outfits called “cultural reset” by fans, God’s Menu was a turning point in Stray Kids’ career.

The same song has again led Stray Kids to make history as the song’s performance video on Studio CHOOM’s Be Original became the first and the fastest video to reach 50 million views. It achieved the feat in 558 days. God’s Menu went head-to-head to ITZY’s WANNABE for the first 50 million views race but the former won.


Studio CHOOM was launched by Mnet in May 2019. To have their first performance video reach 50 million, they celebrated the occasion with a trophy, message and an interview for fans.

In the interview, members thanked the Studio CHOOM staff for giving their performance video artistic filming and choreographers. They chose their favourite scenes, most memorable scenes, and expressed their love for Studio CHOOM’s performance team.

STAYs congratulate Stray Kids for making Studio CHOOM record


As per fan account StrayKidsGlobal on Twitter, God’s Menu Be Original performance video surpassed 50 million views on December 30, 2021. The fandom was in celebration throughout the coming days. Still, a surprise token of appreciation in the form of a trophy and a message by Studio CHOOM brought the celebratory spirit back again.

Take a look at how fans reacted:

skz got a trophy from Studio choom for God's menu reaching 50M I'm soo emotional God's menu got robbed from all the trophies and wins she deserved so getting this now makes me happy for the kids and for this legendary song and performance.
god’s menu, the title track that outsold my existence (and yours too)i love how these kids’ minds work [btw go stream it, thx]
i became a stay a few days after god's menu was released. i am so happy to see they've come so far already. god's menu era was really something else 🥺✨
hyunjin was picking what he thinks was the best scene in god’s menu, and changbin was mouthing his verse so hyunjin laughed 😭
lee know's reaction to his chosen best scene in god's menu (felix's iconic part) 😭
hyunjin's fave part in their studio choom god's menu video was the EXACT PART THAT MADE ME A STAY... IM REALLY SO HAPPY FOR THEM <3 <3
jeongin said a detail in loved in god’s menu was bang chan’s face chain! YES EXACTLY!!

Meanwhile, Stray Kids owned 2021 by releasing two physical and one digital album in 2021, became million-sellers, and a variety of content for fans. The group will be hosting their second #LoveSTAY fanmeet titled SKZ’s Chocolate Factory for two days on February 13 and 14. It will be hosted offline and streamed online via Beyond LIVE.

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