Stray Kids’ fans bash JYP Entertainment for poor treatment of the group

Stray Kids members pose for the concept photo of Maniac (Image via JYP Entertainment)
Stray Kids members pose for the concept photo of Maniac (Image via JYP Entertainment)
Anwaya Mane

Idol agencies' are always under fans’ radar, and the latest in their line of fire is Stray Kids’ agency, JYP Entertainment.

The Idol Star Athletic Championship (commonly referred to as ISAC) is scheduled to return this year after being temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stray Kids is one of the groups slated to attend this year’s ISAC, with filming taking place from July 30th through August 1st, and STAYs are not exactly happy with the group’s participation in ISAC.

STAYs are voicing their displeasure with the new schedule, pointing out how full Stray Kids’ schedule already is.

The talented eight-member group recently held their MANIAC world tour from June 28th through July 14th in the United States and has a packed schedule ahead with no time to breathe.

STAYs have taken to social media to bash JYP Entertainment for being inconsiderate towards their members and over-working them to the point of exhaustion.

2022 추석특집 아이돌스타 선수권대회 현수막 디자인 신청 안내 #스트레이키즈#2022아육대 #아육대#YouMakeStrayKidsStay

Stray Kids’ fans trend “Let Stray Kids rest” to protest against JYP Entertainment’s grueling schedule for the group


STAYs have noticed that the group has a packed schedule ahead without any break and thus, are protesting their participation in this year’s edition of ISAC.

After a brief break, Stray Kids will fly to Japan to hold more concerts on July 26th and 27th. With ISAC filming, the NOEASY singers will only have a two-day break before they begin filming from July 30th to August 1st.

Shortly after that, member Lee Know will resume being an MC on MBC‘s Music Core on August 8th, following which all the members will perform at additional events on August 10th, 11th, 14th, and 20th.

Since ISAC involves sports and physical activities, STAYs are worried that members will end up injuring themselves more, as some of them are already seen in pain due to intense physical exertion.

.@Stray_Kids schedule july 26-27: tokyo concerts july 30 - aug 1: isac 2022 filmingaugust 8: MC lee know @ ulsan summer festivalaugust 10: seoul festa august 14: hana bank seoul e-prixaugust 20: kcon la TBA: fort worth and atlanta reschedules

Previously, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin bumped his right hand on the door at Oakland Arena, which resulted in a minor injury.

He participated in the group’s Oakland show but after further medical examination, it was revealed that although the injury is not very grave, it is advisable to refrain from strenuous movements, such as harsh choreography.

i cant.. this breaks my heart.. He's really try his bestvas always but i really worried..#hyunjin #현진 #StrayKidsOakland

JYP Entertainment then confirmed that even though Hyunjin will participate in the remainder of the world tour, his involvement will be limited.

Even members like Lee Know looked down due to extreme exhaustion and were literally trying their best to keep going. STAYs even noticed that Felix has back pain, Chan has injured his wrist, and most members are wearing pain relief tapes.

so STRAY KIDS are joining this year's ISAC and I am torn, as much as I'm excited to see them (bcoz who wouldn't?) I'm actually worried bcoz they don't get to rest (with the world tour and all) plus Felix & Hyune's injuries 🥺🤧give the kids their much needed break 🥺😭

Fans believe that it is not a wise decision on JYP Entertainment's behalf to allow the group to participate in an athletic competition, especially since the group won’t have much time after ISAC to rest before performing again.

STAYs have also fired JYP Entertainment for overworking them to the point of exhaustion, especially when K-pop agencies are trying to take positive steps towards idols’ mental health and well-being.

STAYs have taken it upon themselves to trend “Let Stray Kids rest” on Twitter and other social networking platforms to allow JYP Entertainment to give the members ample amount of rest before their next important schedule.

i think div1 doesn't realize felix, jeongin & lee know JUST had covid which can take a while to fully recover. Felix has his back issue. Hyunjins hand. Chan never sleeps anyway.... like they don't need a schedule jam packed. Let them rest!
Seeing more and more things filling up Stray Kids’ schedule, so I hope they all fake tummy aches and high temperatures so they can skip out on participating in kpop sports day and sleep like we all did at least once in our school years.
I don't know what to feel about Stray Kids joining ISAC. Their schedule is too tight that makes me concern about their health. Hyunjin's hand is still in the process of recovery. They will attend the KCon on LA this August. Please don't overwork the boys, they deserve a break.
@Stray_Kids i know the kids love to work and love their job, but they need to properly rest. their schedule is PACKED. i need them to be healthy and safe not overworked.
stray kids schedule this year:
And besides the schedule that we know they might be also preparing for the rumored September comeback. All the mv shootings, recordings, photoshoots and dance practices PLUS after cb the end of the year shows!! Stray Kids srsly needs a rest right now div1.#StrayKids

Fans are comparing the schedule to when the group had competed in ISAC after pre-recording for their "Levanter" promotions, which left the members sleeping throughout the broadcast.

I’m 100% convinced Y’all don’t know how to promote stray kids cause how the fuck is isac going to help them. They went to America for a whole month but you didn’t put them on any television programs,but y’all want them to run a marathon when their bodies look like this picture🙄…

STAYs are hopeful that JYP Entertainment reconsiders the group’s schedule and make room for some rest.

The 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championship is returning after two years

stray kids going on isac means we getting our athletic isac bang chan back omg

The 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championship, or ISAC as it is popularly known, is all set to return this Chuseok holiday after 2 years.

Jun Hyun-moo, F.T. Island's Hongki, and TWICE's Dahyun were named the official hosts of the special. ISAC will be filmed from July 30 to August, and is scheduled to air during Chuseok in September.

NCT, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, IVE, NMIXX, EVERGLOW, Kep1er, Brave Girls, Weeekly, ONEUS, VERIVERY, Billlie, DKZ, WOODZ (Cho Seung-youn), Ha Sung-woon, Kwon Eun-bi, Choi Ye-na, WEi, Xdinary Heroes, Kim Jae-hwan, Jo Yu-ri, MCND, DRIPPIN, PURPLE KISS, TEMPEST, ALICE, TNX, CLASS:y, KINGDOM, TAN, Rocket Punch, TRI.BE, Jeong Se-woon, DKB, YOUNITE, ATBO, ICHILLIN’, and H1-KEY have been confirmed to be part of the lineup.

jype just confirmed that xdinary heroes will attend mbc's isac event this year together with nmixx and stray kids!

In other news, the God's Menu singers and their fandom, STAYs, have won Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off 2022 beating out Adele, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, SB19, their sunbae BTS and SEVENTEEN, and contemporaries TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

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