What did Bill Murray do? Actor addresses misconduct allegations and hopes to 'make peace'

Bill Murray opens up about the 'Being Mortal' controversy (Image via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
Bill Murray opens up about the 'Being Mortal' controversy (Image via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

On Saturday, April 30, Bill Murray appeared on CNBC to address the allegations of his misconduct on the set of his upcoming film, Being Mortal. The actor's behavior on the set has already caused Searchlight Pictures to halt the film's production.

The 71-year-old disclosed that he "did something," which he considered funny, but "it wasn't taken that way." Last week, the producers chose to shut down the film's production as they prepared to investigate the incident.


Being Mortal was reported to have completed almost half of the principal photography, with an estimated release date in 2023. However, it is now unclear if the film will resume production with the involvement of Murray.

What did Bill Murray say about the misconduct allegations?


At the end of the second week of April, Deadline reported that the Ghostbusters star had allegedly behaved inappropriately on the set of Being Mortal, following which Searchlight Pictures decided to launch an investigation.

Later, Murray told CNBC that there was a "difference in opinion" with a woman present on the set. As of now, it is not known if the woman was an actress or a crew member. The actor told CNBC's Becky Quick:

"I did something I thought was funny and it wasn't taken that way."

Bill Murray also insinuated being in contact with the person and claimed that the two involved individuals are trying "to make peace with each other." Murray's statement hinted that the woman might be a co-star. He said:

"We are both professionals, we like each others' work, we like each other I think and if we can't really get along and trust each other, there's no point in going further working together or making the movie as well. It's been quite an education for me."

However, the actor seemed confident that they would be able to put the incident behind them after production resumes. Bill Murray further expressed how he used the experience to learn from his mistakes. However, Murray also noted that he would initiate his peace offering only if the woman involved in the incident was okay with it.

Previous allegations about Bill Murray's inappropriate behavior


Last year, Elementary star Lucy Liu spoke about her controversial experience on the set of Charlie's Angels (2000), which involved Murray. Liu told the Los Angeles Times that Murray hurled abuse at her regarding a scene rewrite, which he had missed.

While Liu did not get into specificities, the actress said:

"Some of the language was inexcusable and unacceptable…"

While no other allegations about Murray have surfaced yet, it remains to be seen how the actor's previous controversies will affect his being cast in future projects in Hollywood.

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