What is the Bold Glamour Filter on TikTok? How to get and all you need to know

Bold Glamour filter has taken TikTok by a storm (Image via TikTok/@theweisslife, @_kaybrooks_,  @ginabrookewilliams)@
Bold Glamour filter has taken TikTok by a storm (Image via TikTok/@theweisslife, @_kaybrooks_, @ginabrookewilliams)@

A new TikTok filter, Bold Glamour, that gives users a flawless make-up look, has been making its rounds on the video-sharing platform recently. The on-app photo effect has left TikTokers pleasantly shocked as it gives them a seamless party-ready look and it doesn't seem like they have used a filter.

As the on-app effect went viral, many TikTokers shared their reactions after using the filter with the hashtag, #boldglamour, and #boldglamourfilter. The hashtags currently have more than 120 million combined views, making it a top trend.

Users across the platform have taken to social media to express their shock at the filter, and have said that it makes them look like a completely different person.

How to get the Bold Glamour filter?

As several people are looking to try the filter, they are trying to use the filter and share their reactions about it. Here's how you can get the filter and try out the effects:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Click on the plus icon "+" that appears at the bottom of the screen to open the camera.
  3. Tap the "Effects" button that appears in the bottom left corner screen.
  4. Select the magnifying glass icon and type out the name of the filter, "Bold Glamour."
  5. Tap on the filter of the same name (usually the first one in the results) to apply it.
  6. Users can share their results by recording themselves with the filter turned on (press the record button that appears at the bottom of the screen).

It should be noted that this effect is not added to the app in every region. Some users were disappointed when they realized that the filter wasn't available to them. One of them even went on to say:

"Why won't this filter work for me... am I just too beautiful as I am... But I can't get the filter... Everybody's posting this filter and I can't get it."

If one is unsure whether the TikTok filter is available in their location, they can simply find and select the video using the Bold Glamour filter and click on the sound button. They should then click on the "use this sound" option. If it is available, the filter should automatically apply.

Netizens stand divided over Bold Glamour, with many criticizing it for spreading body dysmorphia

TikTok filters have become a topic of controversy recently, including the Bold Glamour effect.

Some users argue that the filter sets unrealistic standards for beauty that people, especially young girls, have to follow. Many have stated that it is not good for mental health as it is making everyone feel bad about their real selves.

Criticizing the filter, one user said that the person who "invented the Bold Glamour TikTok filter" should be jailed immediately. Some even said that the filter was giving "body dysmorphia vibes."

Meanwhile, there were others who loved the filter and commented that the effect makes them look just how they look with make-up on. Some shared humorous responses, joking that if they looked like that in real life, they would go after their celebrity crushes.

While the discourse on the topic will continue, filters are rapidly gaining popularity with newer ones added on a consistent basis.

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