What did Braun do? Shaving device company under fire after featuring trans model in an ad

Braun, shaving company has received backlash over transgender ad. (Images via Facebook & YouTube/@braun)
Braun, shaving company has received backlash over transgender ad. (Images via Facebook & YouTube/@braun)

Braun, the German consumer products company, is receiving a lot of heat from conservatives over an advertisement featuring a trans male with visible mastectomy scars. The Braun Series X Hybrid Trimmers ad was located at the bottom of the company's website which soon went viral.

In the video, the transgender man is seen shaving using the Braun product in front of a mirror with visible scars under his breast area. Many right-winged activists commented about the ad and even talking about the possibility of a boycott both in the United Kingdom and the US.

However, the LGBTQ Nation has also given their opinion on the matter along with some netizens praising the company for their inclusivity.

Braun faces backlash over transgender ad

Braun is under heavy scrutiny after they posted an ad on their website featuring a transgender man. The shaving accessory in the advertisement is stated to be for beard hair, body hair, and head hair, offering "styling and trimming from head to toe."

Netizens on X, formerly Twitter, have spoken up about their distaste for the company in the wake of the ad showing a man with visible double mastectomy scars. Cris Elston, an American activist, tweeted:

"Braun is now celebrating the mutilation cult of gender.”

In his bio, Chris claimed that he is "traveling the world to expose gender ideology and why children cannot consent to medical transition," according to the New York Post.

The United Kingdom critics have dubbed the shaving ad as "shockingly immoral." The ad is also under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority to see if it is violating their guidelines.

Maya Forstater, executive director of Sex Matters, gave a statement to The Telegraph, saying:

"Promoting the removal of healthy breast tissue is not only shockingly immoral but against advertising standards guidance to not glamorize or trivialize cosmetic surgery."

She continued to slam the shaving brand by stating:

"Braun executives must have been living under a rock if they think this campaign represents ‘inclusivity.’ The reality is that Braun has now written itself into history as promoting social contagion and what will become of the most notorious medical scandals."

Thoughtful Therapists are a group of psychologists who focus on the impact of gender identity ideology. Their co-founder, James Esses, criticized the glorification of gender surgeries saying:

"Once again, we find a private corporation willing to glorify irreversible surgery being performed on the healthy breasts of women, in pure pursuit of profit."

Netizens gave both positive and negative opinions on the ad. Some of the reactions are given below.

According to Newsweek, a spokesperson from Braun told the media outlets that the ad is “one of hundreds on our site showing people using our products — all of which are reflective of the consumers we serve."

The LGBTQ Nation gave their opinion about the surgery

The inclusive media channel owned and operated by the LGBTQ+ company answered in medical terms that the surgery is not just done on a whim. They stated:

"The procedure is used to resolve gender dysphoria and is typically conducted only after months or years of therapy and consultation with medical professionals so that patients understand the procedure’s effects and risks."

The media channel also answered the critics who said that the ad could waver young men and women to change their identities. They said,

"While anti-trans activists in the U.S. have pushed bans on gender-affirming surgeries for minors (even though such surgeries are almost never conducted on minors) — the man in the commercial is an adult."

They stated that the activists are blaming the company for showing a trans male adult because "such adults, according to them, should be considered “unhealthy” and hidden away from public view."

The LGBTQ Nation also said that approximately 1.6% of U.S. adults are transgender and that can be a sizable potential market for grooming companies.

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