What did Chrissie Mayr say about Dylan Mulvaney? Transphobic joke backlash explained

Stand-up comic Chrissie Mayr offended some of the audience members during her recent show after joking about Dylan Mulvaney (Image via Dia Dipasupil/Getty & Instagram/@chrissiemayrpod)
Stand-up comic Chrissie Mayr offended some of the audience members during her recent show after joking about Dylan Mulvaney (Image via Dia Dipasupil/Getty & Instagram/@chrissiemayrpod)

Chrissie Mayr, a stand-up comedian from New York shared a clip from one of her recent shows on Twitter on Thursday, May 11. In the two-minute 14-second-long clip, from Mayr's show in Dallas that took place last week, some members of the audience are seen walking out. The audience members walked out furious after Mayr cracked a joke about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney's transition.

In the clip, the stand-up comedian makes a joke about Dylan's "365 Days of Girlhood" TikTok series and even goes on to call her a "man." She also misgenders the TikTok influencer and uses the he/him pronouns too.

In her tweet, Chrissie took a jibe at the members of the audience who walked away and claimed it was the "long-awaited trans joke walk-out moment." The audience members were furious after Mayr joked and said that Dylan was a "man" for not getting "t**s" even a year after she began transitioning.

She said that Mulvaney was a man after one audience member yelled out the same during Chrissie Mayr's transitioning joke.

Comedian Chrissie Mayr faces outburst and walkout from audience members after calling Dylan Mulvaney a "man"

Some people attending Chrissie Mayr's Dallas show last week called her a transphobe after the stand-up comic joked about Dylan Mulvaney. As mentioned, the outburst happened when Mayr called the transgender TikTok star a man while agreeing with another audience member's remark.

The clip posted by the New York stand-up comedian doesn't start with the "he's a man" comment. Initially, Mayr is seen seemingly joking about Mulvaney not having breast augmentation surgery, even a year after her girlhood. Here are Chrissie Mayr's exact words from the video posted via her Twitter account:

"365 days. Why ... like .... why has it been a year of girlhood and still no t**s? That's day one, Okay?"

She also speculated on what she would do if she were to transition and wondered,

"Why no t**s for Dylan? I don't understand. I--"

As Mayr joked about Dylan, someone from the audience remarked, "Because he's a man." The New York stand-up comedian then repeats the exact words in agreement. However, simultaneously, another audience member responds to showcase their disagreement by saying, "No! She's a woman."

The audience member and Mayr are seen arguing, as the former even claims that a few others like her have a different opinion than the stand-up comedian. Chrissie Mayr responds to the audience member and says that everyone has different beliefs as some people "can believe in reality," while others can't.

The said audience members were visibly uncomfortable while Mayr moved on to other jokes. During her set, Mayr is seen joking about the many labels around people's s*xualities, including bis*xuals. She claims that they are "not bis*xuals, but just fun at parties."

Ultimately, the group is visibly uncomfortable and they leave the venue with one even calling Mayr a transphobe. Chrissie Mayr proceeded to make some fat-phobic jokes about the women who left. She later revealed that they had complained to management and knocked over her merch table.

Since the clip went viral, Chrissie Mayr has been actively tweeting about the matter. On the other hand, Mulvaney has yet to officially comment as of this writing.

For those unaware, Dylan Mulvaney received backlash from conservative social media users due to her partnership with the beer brand Bud Light in April 2023.

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