What was David “Tokyo” Broom best known for in the original series of The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans?

David "Tokyo" Broom from The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans (Image via Instagram/MTV)
David "Tokyo" Broom from The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans (Image via Instagram/MTV)
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TV’s famous 2000-era show, The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans, is set to return featuring a reunion of its original star cast on April 20. David Broom, who has since changed his name to Tokyo, will also appear as an alum on the upcoming show.


During The Real World: New Orleans series, the musician put on a benchmark performance when he sang his original jazz ballad Come On Be My Baby Tonight. However, his co-stars had mixed reactions to him singing songs on the show.

Viewers are set to see the much-awaited reunion of the New Orleans star cast of 2000 in the upcoming show The Real World Homecoming. The show is set to feature David “Tokyo” Broom, Melissa Howard, Jamie Murray, Danny Roberts, Matt Smith, Julie Stoffer, and Kelley Wolf picking up their unfinished business.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"The multi-episode docuseries will reunite original New Orleans cast members in the same Big Easy house from 2000."

David "Tokyo" Broom from The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans desires to sing all the time


The Chicago-born David “Tokyo” Broom is a passionate musician who is famous for singing Come On Be My Baby Tonight on the show. Born on October 19, 1977, David is known to be a keen music singer. Although during the original The Real World show, his co-stars did not like his singing much, after 20 years when the cast is set to meet again, their feelings towards David have changed.

The cast members imitated David the way he used to sing previously on the show. Co-star Melissa went on to say that people should be thankful for the songs they hear on reality TV shows.

Moreover, after so many years, Tokyo changed his passion to a great extent. Not only is he a music singer, he is also a hybrid of a chef and a singer who merges his desires of cooking and singing. This has led him to run his own show, called Chef Showtime. In an interview with Munchies, he stated his perspective on his career, saying,

"I’ve decided to put my musical skills—so to speak—and my love for cooking into a creative outlet. Because I’ve been with MTV for so long and I’ve been in the music industry, I know now that I don’t want to be an artist. I just want to enjoy the music and [enact] whatever creativity is truly in me."

As David is also a music producer himself, he does not like to sit idle. He stays busy listening to his old creations and tends to create something extraordinary from them.

Viewers can expect to see more of David Tokyo Broom on the upcoming show The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans, which will premiere on April 20 at 3.00 am ET and 12.00 am PT on Paramount+.

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