What is Disney Plus bundle and how to get it? Price and more explored

Disney Plus brings Disney Plus bundle (Image via freddy23194 @Instagram)
Disney Plus brings Disney Plus bundle (Image via freddy23194 @Instagram)

Disney Plus has recently launched a brand new intriguing package that will surely be much more appealing to the masses. Disney Plus' pricing is more affordable in the greater scheme of various streaming platforms and their price ranges.

However, people, especially adults, may still feel like they want more from this streaming service, such as sports, more exciting movies, and series.

With the bundle's arrival from Disney Plus, individuals can now get a subscription to other popular streaming services, including Hulu and ESPN Plus. This new package will save users a lot of money in the process.

Know all about the Disney Plus bundle

How much will the bundle cost, and how to sign up for it?

The Disney Plus' bundle is an upgraded version of the streaming service, as it will bring together Disney+, Hulu and ESPN Plus under a single scheme on a monthly payment basis. All the US customers of the brand new system will enjoy all three platforms for just $13.99 per month.

The users will surely benefit from this package as Disney Plus costs $7.99 for a month alone, ESPN Plus costs $6.99 per month, while Hulu costs $6.99 per month with ads and $12.99 per month without ads.

On the other hand, the Disney Plus' bundle is priced at only $13.99. Hulu without ads package can be obtained at $19.99 per month.

So it's quite an alluring Disney Plus deal. Interested customers can go to the official Disney Plus website to quickly get a subscription to the Disney Plus bundle.

What can be watched on ESPN Plus with this upgrade?

ESPN Plus will surely cater to sports spectators and lovers. It will have live sports, entailing UFC live streams, NHL, the Emirates FA Cup, and college basketball. ESPN Plus will also provide viewers with its original movies and TV series exclusive to this particular streaming service only.

ESPN Plus users will get full access to the 30 for 30 library, a list of content that is well-known to have revolutionized sports-related documentaries.

What can one watch on Hulu with this exciting upgrade?

With Hulu, viewers can enjoy everything from Little Fires Everywhere that stars Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, putting care, class and privilege under minute scrutiny, to the gripping and quite jaw-dropping adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale of Margaret Atwood.

Hulu will also have captivating and arresting movies for viewers, entailing Parasite, the previous year's Academy Award winner for Best Picture, and The United States vs Billie Holiday, which is the 2022's Academy Award nominee.

Sign up for the Disney Plus bundle to enjoy exciting movies, series, and sports.

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