What is Dog the Bounty Hunter's net worth? Reality star sparks controversy with N-word comments

Dog the Bounty Hunter at March of Dimes Honolulu Fundraiser. (Image via Getty Images)
Dog the Bounty Hunter at March of Dimes Honolulu Fundraiser. (Image via Getty Images)

Dog the Bounty Hunter recently made an outlandish claim in which he stated that he has more Black friends compared to Eminem. He said that the “the brothers” gave him a pass for using the n-word and said that the term’s use does not make him a racist.

The popular star passed on these comments in an interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier and pushed back on the allegations from his daughter Bonnie Chapman, who said that her father is a racist and homophobic cheater.

The television personality said that he was never a racist. A phone call between him and his son was leaked where he used the n-word 6 times that got him canceled at A&E. Dog said that he used the n-word freely because he thought he had a pass in the Black tribe to use it like Eminem.

Frazier asked Dog the Bounty Hunter about who gave him the pass and he answered, “the brothers”. While pressed, Dog said that “the brothers” were Black inmates he met when he was behind bars and the n-word got tossed around in what he saw as a compliment.

Dog admitted that his alleged pass had expired but no one informed him. He said that he has more Black friends compared to Eminem, after which, he got ripped by Kevin Frazier.

Bonnie Chapman claims she was not invited to his wedding because she supports BLM. However, Dog the Bounty Hunter said that he supports the movement and is not a racist just because he uses the n-word. He pushed back on claims of cheating Beth Chapman before her death and was defensive the entire time while being grilled on camera.

Dog the Bounty Hunter's net worth

Dog the Bounty Hunter with Snoop Dogg. (Image via Getty Images)
Dog the Bounty Hunter with Snoop Dogg. (Image via Getty Images)

Also known as Duane Lee Chapman, he is a popular television personality, bounty hunter, and a former bail bondsman. He gained recognition as a bounty hunter after the capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in 2003.

According to the numbers from Celebrity Net Worth, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s net worth is around $6 million. He earns a lot by appearing on the A&E TV reality show named after him. The original show earned around $400 million and he eventually gained a lot of followers.

The 68-year-old is the owner of a few homes in the United States, two of which are in Hawaii and Colorado. However, this has landed him in trouble once since he and his late wife, Beth Chapman, were sued in 2018 for not making house payments.


The court documents said that there was an outstanding balance of $109,328.69 for unpaid monthly payments and reimbursement for utilities, real property taxes, and insurance premiums. Dog and Beth reportedly failed and refused to pay the due amounts and did not vacate the property. Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard sued Beth Chapman for not paying $73,860.55.

Following the capture of Andrew Luster, Dog the Bounty Hunter was given his series on A&E. After the show ended, he was seen alongside Beth in a TV series of a similar format, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

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