What happened to Baby Toon after Shark Tank? Details explored

The founder of Baby Toon on Shark Tank
The founder of Baby Toon on Shark Tank (Image via Instagram/@thebabytoon)

Shark Tank has been on air for over a decade now. The ABC show has seen entrepreneurs of all ages and sizes appear before the sharks, including a 10-year-old named Cassidy who made an appearance on the show alongside her mother, Lori Crowley.

The mother-daughter duo was a part of season 11 and pitched their product Baby Toon to celebrity investors. As informed in the episode, the product began as an elementary school project. The two came seeking $50,000 in exchange for 50% equity in their business. While the other sharks didn't make an offer, Lori Greiner gave Cassidy what she came for.

Since their time on the show, Cassidy and her mother have repriced the product from $15 to $6 and have added several animals to their product's design. The Baby Toon is now available in Lime Alligator and Blue Koala. The brand even finalized a deal with Munchkin in 2021.

All about Shark Tank's Baby Toon


When she appeared on the ABC show, Cassidy told the sharks that her mother was afraid that her younger sister would poke or stab herself with her spoon while eating. She added that she wanted to create a product that eliminated the sharp and long design of a traditional spoon.

As noted on thebabytoon.com, Cassidy was only seven years old when she came up with the idea of Baby Toon. Her website states that she entered the Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair and was instructed to identify a problem.

"When I went home, I noticed that my mom always got scared when my baby sister put the back of a long, hard, plastic spoon in her mouth. I didn't want anything to happen to her and I didn't like seeing my mom so worried so I came up with... THE Baby Toon™!"

Since its time on Shark Tank, Baby Toon has expanded its wings and can be purchased on various platforms. In 2021, Cassidy took to social media to provide customers with an update.

In an Instagram post the founder said that after her appearance on the show in 2019, Lori introduced her to the CEO of Munchkin. Since 2021, it has been available to purchase for $6.79 on Munchkin, a well-known retailer of infant products. The product is also available on Amazon for the same price.

As per the online shopping store, the Shark Tank product prevents "choking and gagging" as it limits how far the baby spoon can go in the baby's mouth. It is also fun and functional as it can teach babies more about animals, shapes, and colors. The two-in-one product works both as a spoon and a teether.

Amazon's product description reads:

"Babies love chewing on anything they can get their hands on - including the long ends of their feeding spoons! Dreamed up by a savvy older sister when she was just seven years old, The Baby Toon is equal parts adorable elephant teether and soft baby spoon. With a short trunk that makes eating more fun and a rounded rectangular "body" that's easy to hold, the spoon's sweet shape can't go too far into your little one's mouth."

Since her initial appearance on the Emmy-winning show, Cassidy and The Baby Toon has returned to the show twice. In February 2020, they were featured in The Shark Tank Greatest of All Times Special as part of the baby Sharks segment. Cassidy then returned to the show during season 12 for an update segment.

According to the Shark Tank blog, Baby Toon is available in Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Episodes of Shark Tank are available to stream on ABC.

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