What happened to Dennis Itumbi? Blogger and digital strategist found brutally beaten after alleged abduction 

Dennis Itumbi was brutally beaten after being abducted (Image via The Star)
Dennis Itumbi was brutally beaten after being abducted (Image via The Star)

Kenyan digital Communist Strategist Dennis Itumbi has been hospitalized after being severely beaten and bruised. The blogger, who works for Deputy President (DP) William Ruto, was reported missing on Thursday.

His family mentioned that Itumbi was abducted from Thindigua along the Kiambu Road. Two unknown men reportedly coerced him into getting into a car and drove away.

His brother David uploaded pictures of him as he stayed in the Nairobi hospital, looking heavily bruised. Viewers can find the tweet here.

Kipchumba Murkomen, the senator from Elgeyo Marakawet, claimed in a Tweet that Dennis Itumbi was harmed by police officers. His tweet read:

Was Dennis Itumbi’s physical assault politically driven?

Dennis Itumbi worked under the State House in 2020. He has served as the Secretary of Innovation, Diaspora Communication and Digital Communication.

He was also a lead digital strategist for a firm called Nexus, and had graduated from Kenya’s Institute of Mass Communication.

Although police have urged citizens not to make assumptions about this too soon, allies of Deputy President William Ruto claim that the abduction and assault was orchestrated by the state. Itumbi’s close relationship with the DP has frightened many.

As per a report by NTV Kenya, police are currently investigating the case of Dennis Itumbi's alleged abduction.

As per a report by Kenyans.co.ke, Dennis Itumbi's family addressed the media on December 23 regarding his disappearance. At the time, his lawyer Moses Chelanga stated that they were attempting to reach the government, but had been unsuccessful at the time. Chelanga pointed fingers at the state as well, and said:

"His phone is going through and it is unfortunate that the government is not telling us where he is yet they have the tools to locate him. We believe Dennis's disappearance is being enforced by the State.”

The Republic of Kenya is expected to go to the polls on August 9, 2022. The crime against Dennis Itumbi comes before the DP’s (who Itumbi works under) ascend to power.

Dennis Itumbi remained in the hospital at the time of writing this article. The hospital has reportedly taken blood samples for further testing.

Wanjohi Githae, the communications director, has stated that the party will be holding a news conference on the matter.