What happened to Steve Riley aka Pissed off Trucker? Death rumors explained 

Unconfirmed rumors of TikToker Pissed Off Trucker passing away surfaced online (Image via pissed_off_trucker/TikTok)
Unconfirmed rumors of TikToker Pissed Off Trucker passing away surfaced online (Image via pissed_off_trucker/TikTok)

TikTok sensation Steve Railey, best known as Pissed Off Trucker, is gaining traction on social media after rumors of his death have surfaced online. TikTok users have taken to the platform to pay tribute to the social media star. However, news of his passing has not been confirmed by his family.

Pissed Off Trucker is a popular TikToker who regularly uploads broadcasts and duets with other platform users, composes his own music and performs for many. The self-identified member of the Redneck Mafia has accumulated an impressive count of 2.7 million likes and 165.2 thousand followers on his TikTok page. The page, that is his official TikTok page, is operated under the username pissed_off_trucker.

Information about his passing surfaced online recently, when many took to the video sharing platform posting content in remembrance of him. The phrase “R.I.P Pissed Off Trucker” was also trending on the platform, with many of his fans re-sharing his older content as a tribute.


When was the last time Pissed Off Trucker appeared on social media?

The TikTok personality posted his last video just three days ago. In the video, Railey was speaking about why he doesn't seem to be appearing on the platform's For You page.

Although news of Pissed Off Trucker’s passing has gained massive traction online, neither him nor any family members have confirmed the same. Additionally, the TikToker hasn't spoken about suffering from any health issues in the past either.

Quite recently, though, the public figure revealed that his son got married.

As many continue to spread unverified information about Steve Railey’s passing, the reason behind his death remains unknown. It was reported that some TikTok users assumed that he died in a car accident while others claimed that he had a heart attack.

Despite being given no confirmation of his health, it is clear that the TikToker has a massive following that loves him.

A TikTok user @countryforlife_18.0 uploaded a video on the platform which included a picture of the popular internet figure along with herself. She also included the hashtag “RIPTrucker” and shared her thoughts about him.


She said Railey personifies honesty, love, faith, honor and loyalty. Calling him her brother, the TikToker said:

“My brother, my protector, I will never forget you. All the laughts, serious conversations, love, and trust will never be forgotten. I will forever miss our conversations that could last hours just talking about life… You were a protector, of your sisters, brothers, wife, children, victims, and survivors R.I.P Till we meet again brother. Love you forever and always. Fly high”

Meanwhile, TikToker @texasmade1993 also took to the video-sharing platform to post a tributary video and in the caption, he wrote:

“we love you brother. Gone to soon. God gained a worrier. Prayers to his family an everyone!”

Other fans took to the platform expressing disbelief. A few of the many comments online read:

“I'm so broken right now!” -Ruby/TikTok
“he was one of the real ones, he will be missed” -Mom of 3/TikTok
“I can’t handle it……. It can’t be true!!!!! Please noooooooooio” -Pinkybooisback/ TikTok

As mentioned earlier, Pissed Off Trucker’s death had not been confirmed by his family at the time of writing this article.

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