What happened to Suzanne Morphew? Mystery case set to be explored in CBS' 48 Hours

Suzanne Morphew before her disappearance (Image via CBS)
Suzanne Morphew before her disappearance (Image via CBS)

CBS' 48 Hours is all set to explore the fascinating but disturbing mystery of Suzanne Morphew's disappearance. The Colorado resident vanished on Mother's Day in 2020, seemingly without a trace. There is no news for her until this day. However, her husband Barry Morphew was arrested on the charge of murdering her.

Her dead body is yet to be found. The authorities narrowed down Barry as Suzanne's killer based on some bizarre evidence that included a spy pen, a tranquilizer gun, and a chipmunk-hunting alibi. Suzanne's alleged affair with an unknown person was also taken into consideration during the investigation.

CBS' 48 Hours will explore the case and provide insight into this unsolved crime.

CBS' 48 Hours: How did Suzanne Morphew disappear?

On Mother's Day 2020, the Colorado-based mother-of-two, Suzanne Morphew, disappeared from Salida. Her husband of 26 years, Barry Morphew, claimed that he left the house to hunt chipmunks while Suzanne was still asleep. According to sources, Barry later texted Suzanne a Mother's Day wish, to which he did not receive a response. He tried calling and texting her again, but she remained unresponsive which caused him to worry about her.

Barry returned home and learned from a neighbor that Suzanne was missing. Her bicycle was found four days later, with no damage or signs of violence on it. Barry claimed that he was afraid that Suzanne had been attacked by a mountain lion while bike riding or been picked up by someone with malicious intentions. For quite a while, no clue about Suzanne or her disappearance emerged.

However, the investigation took a new turn when fresh evidence surfaced, changing the perspective of the case.

Suzanne's alleged affair

While investigating the strange case, authorities discovered that Suzanne had been having an affair for two years before she disappeared. They also found a loaded tranquilizer gun in the couple's house. Barry claimed he had no idea where it came from, even though he was a veteran user of the tranquilizer gun.

The authorities also discovered a spy pen with conversations between Suzanne and her alleged lover. Suzanne Morphew reportedly was the owner of the spy pen and used it to check on Barry as she believed he was having an affair. In another crucial turn, Barry's phone was located inside the house on Mother's Day 2020, despite his claims that he was out hunting that day.

After a long, vast search, Suzanne was declared dead, and Barry was arrested for the murder based on the available evidence.

New update

In a recent turn of events, Colorado-native Barry Morphew is now a free man. A judge dismissed the charges against him without prejudice on April 19, 2022, a week before his trial, citing lack of evidence as the reason for the decision.

CBS' 48 Hours will take a more intimate look at the strange case of Suzanne Morphew's disappearance. You can catch CBS' 48 Hours every Saturday at 10.00 PM ET on the channel and streaming platform Paramount+.

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