What is Heardle? How to play, rules, and all about the music-based version of Wordle 

How to play the internet's latest favorite game (Image via Heardle.App)
How to play the internet's latest favorite game (Image via Heardle.App)

When one can’t get enough of Wordle, Octordle, Nerdle, Quordle, and many more alike, they can play another similar game called Heardle. This online game, created for music lovers, allows one to guess the song being played. If they fail to guess it in a specified time, longer snippets of the song are played progressively for players to guess the correct track.

Heardle's website describes itself as a “respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist.” Each day, the website features a song from “a list of all the most streamed songs of the past decade.”

The website claims that the game, developed by Omakase, retracts the sounds from Soundcloud.


How to play Heardle?

To play the game, one must tap on the PLAY button visible on the screen. Following this, a song is played for a few seconds.

When one guesses the song as well as the artist, they must type in the same in the white box provided at the bottom of the screen.

If one is unaware of the song playing, they can press the SKIP option, which will allow them to hear further snippets of the track. However, by doing so, the player will lose one of their six chances to guess. One can keep hearing further and continue attempting to guess. A longer snippet of the song gets played with each passing SKIP.

Players can hear up to 16 seconds of the song before they lose and the answer is revealed on the screen.

Incorrect guesses on the Heardle website unlock more of the song, allowing players to guess the correct answer.

Added features in the game

Just like Wordle, the latest game allows one to share their results on social media platforms without revealing the answer on screen. It also shows the time taken by the individual to guess the correct answer.

Players can simply tap on the SHARE option and the results will be copied to the clipboard. These results can be shared on platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Would you play?

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