How to play Wordle? Beginner's guide with tips revealed

Use our daily clues to solve Wordle (Image via howfinity/YouTube)
Use our daily clues to solve Wordle (Image via howfinity/YouTube)

Wordle is a free-to-play game that took over social media in January 2022. The game recorded a player count of 2 million in the middle of that month. Josh Wardle created the game for his crossword-loving partner and never imagined the success it received.

Wardle expressed in an interview that he feels a sense of responsibility after the accomplishment of the game. He explained:

“It going viral doesn’t feel great to be honest. I feel a sense of responsibility for the players. I feel I really owe it to them to keep things running and make sure everything’s working correctly.”

The game is designed based on simple rules and has a database of around 3000 words. We post clues and answers to the solution every day to help our readers.

Steps to play Wordle


Unlike many other trends, Wordle has been able to keep netizens in its grip with new challenges every day. Many new players join the game daily and try to solve the puzzle in the least amount of attempts. For those who need to know where and how to play the game, keep reading on, for the rules and some tips.

Wordle is a browser game that can be accessed from any device that has a web browser. Go to this link, which opens the game page. The page will show a 5x6 block table and a qwerty keyboard in the center. There are two icons on both the left and right top corners.

The icon on the top left will open other game options and a "question mark" icon will show the game's rules. One of the two icons in the top right corner shows the player's game stats and the last one is for settings.

To start the game, type a 5 letter word of your choice. The blocks under the letters will change color to either green, yellow, or gray.

  • Green means the letter is placed at the correct spot in the word.
  • Yellow means the letter is in the word but has been placed incorrectly.
  • Gray means the letter does not appear in the word.

Keep typing in words according to the clues until you find the answer or exhaust all your chances. The game shows the answer to the player who was unable to guess the right answer.

Tips to get better at Wordle

While there aren't any shortcuts to the game, players can remember a few points to get better at it.

  1. Start with a word with multiple vowels. Words like "adieu," "uraei" and "audio" have four out of five vowels. This gives you an advantage in guessing the word.
  2. Try a consonant heavy word like "lynch," "nymph" and "glyph" for the second attempt. This should give you a good number of yellow colored letters.
  3. Do not use gray letters because they are not in the word at all. Instead, try to create the word with the remaining letters.
  4. Look up different five-letter words on the internet. Make sure to eliminate all the gray letters and keep the yellow and green letters. Remember, all green letters should be at the exact position for every word.
  5. Be mindful of words containing repeating letters. Words like "swill," "sissy" and "naval" have already shown up in the game. So be vigilant about such words.
  6. Use the "hard mode" of the game to your advantage. It is mandatory to use yellow and green letters in the next attempts while playing in hard mode. This stops you from wasting a chance.
  7. Practice on the Wordle archive website to get better at the game. The website opens up a list of all the games ever played. This is great for practicing and getting yourself acquainted with the game.

There are many other versions of the game from Harry Potter to Star Wars to choose from. You can also play the game in other languages that were added by The New York Times.

The news portal acquired the game for a rumored "low-seven figures" amount, but Wardle made sure the game remained free and ad-free.

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