What’s in BTS Meals merch? Everything you can buy from BTS x McDonald's collection

BTS and McDonald's revealed their merchandise (Image via Bandwagon Asian)
BTS and McDonald's revealed their merchandise (Image via Bandwagon Asian)

K-pop sensation BTS and global fast-food giant McDonald's have unveiled their limited-edition collaborative merchandise. Since the announcement, fans have been eagerly anticipating the BTS Meal and the themed merchandise.

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The BTS Meal merch

With the debut of BTS Meals, McDonald's will be taking the collaboration one step further. The fast-food giant has dropped a range of apparel and accessories decorated with BTS references.

There is a wide range of BTS-inspired merchandise, such as shoes, hoodies, bags, socks, and bathrobes. The merchandise showcases the group's signature purple color and the logo of the fast-food chain.

HYBE MERCH has also dropped pictures of the BTS x McDonald’s collection. Ranging between $12 - $110, the merchandise will be available for pre-order from May 27 at 8:00 a.m. KST on Reverse Shop.

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Fans react to The BTS-inspired collection

After fans learned the price range of the BTS x McDonald's collection, they took to Twitter to poke fun at the elite price range of the items.

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BTS share their memories about McDonald's

During an exclusive interview, BTS projected their excitement about the collaboration. The group shared their McDonald's-related stories. Jin revealed that the group used to live near a McDonald’s when they were trainees. He said that,

"There was a McDonald’s about 10 minutes away from our dorm where we used to live before we debuted. It’s open 24 hours, so we would go there when we were hungry, and we’d ask each other, ‘How was your day?’ and have a good time."

While Jin and Jungkook bonded over eating McDonald's during their trainee years, Jimin shared that he associates McDonald's with his high school years.

"There was a McDonald’s at the express bus terminal, so I would always, always eat there, every day heading to my afternoon classes."

Suga revealed that his parents used to bribe him with McDonald's fries. So he associates the fast-food chain with family.

"When you’re young, if your parents tell you to tag along to the mall, by saying they would get me McDonald’s fries, then I would go!"

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What is the BTS Meal?

The meal is one of BTS' latest collaborations with McDonald’s. Announced in April this year, the band’s signature meal offers 10-pieces pieces of chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium coke, and two dipping sauces (Sweet Chili and Cajun). This is the first meal of its kind to be available globally.


In related news, McDonald's has released the BTS Meal commercial on May 26th. Reportedly, BTS will also be collaborating with McDonald’s for “never-before-seen digital surprises.”

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