What is Sydney Zaruba’s current job? Former Below Deck Sailing Yacht star will not return for season 3

Sydney Zaruba from Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Image via Instagram/sydney_zaruba)
Sydney Zaruba from Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Image via Instagram/sydney_zaruba)

The third season of Bravo's yacht drama, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, is returning with new and familiar faces. However, Sydney Zaruba from the first two seasons has revealed that she is not going to be a part of the upcoming season.


In 2021, after the wrap-up of the second season, the former Parsifal III deckhand started to work hard on another boat to get a promotion. Sydney owes her yatchy affinity to her family, which runs a family boat business. However, presently, Sydney is onto better things and has created a career in a profession that is different from being a deckhand.

Where is Sydney Zaruba currently working?

Sydney Zaruba currently runs her travel agency named Explorateur Travel, LLC. The travel advisor desires to connect her clients with the world through tailormade itineraries.

Also, through her podcast platform named Nautical Nonsense Pod, she has managed to stay attached to her sea life. In her podcast, the water baby talks about the sea and wild waves of history, the ocean, and the folkflore that surrounds it.

She is presently living in Mallorca, Spain, and also frequently travels to Colorado, Florida, and many other places to quench the wanderlust in her.

Her Instagram is filled with pictures of exotic locations.

Apart from her passion for the sea, Sydney Zaruba is also a snow lover.

Is Zaruba Sydney ever going to return to the show?

A year back, in an interview with Dear Reality, You're Effed, she said,

“If I do go back, obviously I’m not gonna go back this season I don’t think because I already have a job. But I would have to be up for a promotion for an improvement in position for me to go back I think.”

After facing immense boatmance challenges and controversies in Croatia on Parsifal III, Sydney started to work on a boat located in Spain along with chief stew Daisy Kelliher. However, Daisy is currently featured in the upcoming season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. It seems that Sydney is living her best life traveling along with helping people have the best travel experience.

Previous cast members Gary King, Daisy Kelliher, Colin MacRae, and Captain Glenn Shephard will also be featured in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

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