What time will Halo episode 4 air on Paramount +? Sci-Fi series set to explore Master Chief's past

Still from Paramount+'s Halo - Master Chief and Cortana (Image via Paramount+)
Still from Paramount+'s Halo - Master Chief and Cortana (Image via Paramount+)

This week's episode of Paramount+'s Halo is all set to answer some burning questions about Master Chief's past.

Based on the best-selling video game series of the same name, Halo is developed by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane. The series introduces viewers to a galaxy at war where the human race is desperately fighting for survival against aliens who wish to wipe them out. The upcoming episode will premiere on April 14 on Paramount+.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming episode of the series.

When is Halo episode 4 expected to air?

Episode 4 of Halo is all set to air on April 14 on Paramount+. The upcoming episode is titled Homecoming and is expected to feature Master Chief's backstory as he ventures to his home planet Eridanus II with Cortana and Dr. Halsey.

Meanwhile, Kwan is looking to build an army of her own while another spartan begins his journey of self-discovery after getting inspired by John.

Miranda Keyes' investigations of the artifact will also uncover a possible link to something bigger and more dangerous.

What unfolded in Episode 3?

The previous episode, Emergence, had several flashbacks to the fortmative years of Makee, who was taken in as a child by the Covenant and was raised as one of their own. She then began making plans for an attack on humanity after the Covenant leaders learned about the artifact.

Meanwhile, Master Chief met Cortana for the first time and the episode ended with Halsey and Chief heading off to Eridanus II after he had a vision of the second artifact that he had uncovered as a child, while Makee made her first move against humans.

Trailer for the upcoming episode


The promo clip for for Halo episode 4 revealed that Master Chief's parents were killed on Erindanus. Viewers also learned that Makee was on Erindanus but she ended up on the planet Oban. Things might take a wild turn in the upcoming episode as Kwan-Ha might try to join the resistance and fight against a dictator on her planet.

The previous episode also gave viewers a look into Dr. Halsey's Cortana after the UNSC board approved the trials for the same. On the other hand, Admiral Parangosky set up a parallel team led by Dr. Miranda Keyes to learn more about the artifact.

Makee also led a covenant ship and infiltrated one of the UNSC ships in space to access the location of Master Chief so she could track him down and retrieve the artifact. Meanwhile, Kwan-Ha convinced Soren to take her to Mardrigal to join the resistance against the new dictator. Jones also got the first experience of working with Cortana on his side.

Stream Halo on Paramount+ and catch the upcoming episode on April 14.

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