What time will Halo episode 3 air on Paramount+? Release date, plot and more about sci-fi thriller

Still from Paramount+'s promo for Halo episode 3 - Cortana (Image via YouTube)
Still from Paramount+'s promo for Halo episode 3 - Cortana (Image via YouTube)

The wait is almost over for the video-game-turned-series Halo as it is all set to introduce its much-awaited AI, Cortana.

Developed by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, the series is based on the best-selling video game series of the same name. It revolves around the conflict between humanity and the Covenant, a threatening alien race in the 26th century. The series premiered on March 24 and is available to stream on Paramount+.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming episode of the series.

When is Halo episode 3 expected to air?

Episode 3 of Halo is all set to air on April 7 on Paramount+. The upcoming episode is titled Emergence and is said to introduce Cortana. Since its debut, the series has received positive reactions except from loyal fans of the video game who have been comparatively more critical.

The previous episode, Unbound, saw Master Chief and Kwan on the run from the UNSC after disobeying their orders and taking the Forerunner artifact with them, later connecting with Soren. The Master Chief learned about the artifact's relationship with an alien superweapon from Soren and Reth. However, he was collected by the Silver Team and was consoled by Dr. Halsey who had to deal with the aftermath of Master Chief's actions. This is when she created Cortana.

The episode was directed by Otto Bathurst and written by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane.

Trailer for the upcoming episode


The promo clip for Halo episode 3 teased Cortana and more. It showed the UNSC surveying the artifact taken back from Master Chief, alongside Miranda Keyes, while the fight with the Covenant progresses.

On the other hand, Master Chief seeks answers about his past, while Dr. Halsey talks about the process of cloning before talking about Cortana's role. The clip also reveals a closer look at Cortana.

Jen Taylor would be reprising her role as Cortana but is said to have a change in design from the games. Executive producer, Kiki Wolfkill, revealed that Cortana's new Halo look has to be different in order to suit the new environment.

Cortana's build-up has been seen since the series began. Many fans have pointed out that one of the scenes in episode 1, Contact, was actually a flash clone of Dr. Halsey and was done through Cognitive Impression Modeling. The latest episode confirmed the same, revealing that the AI would be created using a clone made from Dr. Halsey's DNA, leading to questions about Cortana's form.

Now fans await to see what comes from the experimenting and what Dr. Halsey intends on using Cortana for in the future. Stream Halo on Paramount+ and catch the upcoming episode on April 7.

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