What time will Moon Knight finale air on Disney+? Release date, plot, and more about Oscar Isaac's Marvel series

Still from Marvel's Moon Knight (Image via Disney+)
Still from Marvel's Moon Knight (Image via Disney+)

The highly-anticipated finale of Marvel's Moon Knight is all set to premiere this week, and it's impossible to keep calm.

Directed by Mohamed Diab alongside Danielle Iman and Jeremy Slater as writers, the episode will see the return of Marc from the afterlife to fight off Arthur and his evil ways. He will also be able to resurrect Khonshu, gaining his powers and his suit along with it. However, the finale's runtime will be shorter than the series' previous episodes, 42 minutes instead of 45-50 minutes.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming finale, releasing on May 4 at 12AM PT/3AM ET on Disney+.

Moon Knight will drop on Disney+ on May 4

Moon Knight's season finale is all set to drop on Wednesday, May 4, at 12 am PT/3 am ET/8 am BST/12.30 am IST/5 am AEST on Disney+. The upcoming episode will answer the burning questions from the last two episodes that left viewers confused.

With Steven having been turned into stone by the sands of Duat and Marc at the Field of Reeds, there is no saying what the finale will entail.

The trailer


Marvel Studios released a short trailer ahead of Moon Knight's finale, which features clips from the previous five episodes. There are also quick moments from the upcoming episode, especially Marc's upcoming battle with Arthur Harrow after Khonshu's return, along with his suit and powers. However, Steven's status remains unclear.

At the end of the clip, Harrow is seen standing on top of an Egyptian pyramid as he holds his glowing cane and prepares himself for what's coming his way. Marc stands unmasked in his costume as he holds on to one of his moon-shaped daggers, saying:

"I have to finish this."

A fully suited-up Marc is then seen fighting Arthur.

Recap for episode 5

The previous episode of Moon Knight, titled Asylum, dove into Marc's past and revealed the abuse he faced as a child, which led him to create Steven as his alternate ego. Viewers learned that Steven was nothing but a way for Marc to escape from his mom, which continued till his adult life and till that very moment.

Episode 5 also saw Arthur in the doctor's role again, trying to play the good guy who is helping Marc out with his identity disorder. Episode 4's hippo turned out to be Goddess Tawaret who helped guide Steven and Marc to the afterlife. The journey to the afterlife was not a smooth one as both faced difficulties with getting their scale balanced, which eventually ended with Marc losing Steven in the sands of Duat.

Catch the finale of Marvel's Moon Knight on May 4 on Disney+.

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