Moon Knight Episode 4 review: A startling interlude, or a trippy beginning?

Still from Marvel's Moon Knight Episode 4 - Steven Grant (Image via Disney+)
Still from Marvel's Moon Knight Episode 4 - Steven Grant (Image via Disney+)
Shruti Kotiya

Things seem to be getting out of hand, as evidenced by this week's episode of Marvel's Moon Knight.

Titled The Tomb, the episode took viewers into a whole new world of trippyness as Marc and Steven tried to connect the dots with their individual knowledge. The episode was directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and written by Alex Meenehan, Peter Cameron and Sabir Pirzada.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinions.

Moon Knight Episode 4 review


The fourth episode of Marvel's Moon Knight sees Steven and Marc in a completely different light as they are no longer controlled by Khonshu. Neither do they have their suit, nor do they have the power to heal. In the previous episode, Khonshu was punished and imprisoned inside a stone, leaving Marc/Steven to save the world from Arthur Harrow.

This episode of Moon Knight was able to explore the absence of superpowers successfully. Instead of summoning their suits in times of need, they had to use their own instincts to battle their vulnerabilities. Viewers of the show are aware that Steven is not the kind to fight but he possesses knowledge, whereas Marc might not want to solve puzzles but he is brave and has excellent combat skills. They complemented each other well.

Blended, not blurred

Steven and Marc blend into each other so well that the differentiating line between them sometimes appears blurry. Having said that, we cannot get enough of Oscar Isaac effortlessly switching his expressions between personalities. While it is known that the two are the same people, it is easy to get confused and consider Steven and Marc as two distinct individuals.

This episode of Moon Knight also acknowledged other elements of the show besides the magic, like the central love story and its complexities. Although Steven and Marc are the same person, Layla married the braver alter ego and now finds herself falling for Steven.

Connecting the dots

Steven was in control of the body this episode, due to which Layla had to be the savior and fight on his behalf. Layla also learned a few harsh truths about her father, which made her question her marriage and everything surrounding it.

What made this episode stand out was the way the character arcs collided into each other. With Steven wanting to prove that he is worthy of saving the day and beating Harrow, Layla questioning her father's death and Marc continuing to live in denial of how broken he really is, it was fascinating to see the characters interact with the world around them.

Connecting the dots became a fun exercise towards the end. Marc found himself in a psychiatric hospital, and we saw 'real world' symbols like a cupcake, a VHS copy of Tomb Buster, Harrow's cane, shoes and a wheelchair ankle strap.

After four episodes of dueling personalities, summoning the suit and what not, Moon Knight is heading in a brand new direction which has left viewers a little confused but very hopeful.

Episode 4 is now streaming on Disney+.

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