Moon Knight Episode 3 review: The knight in white cape with mystical roots

Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight - Marc Spector as Moon Knight (Image via Disney+)
Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight - Marc Spector as Moon Knight (Image via Disney+)

The knight in the white cape visited his mythical roots on this week's episode of Marvel's Moon Knight.

Titled The Friendly Type, the episode gave viewers a faint idea of Marc and Khonshu's back story while also delivering stunning visuals and action sequences. It was directed by Mohamed Diab and was written by Beau DeMayo, Peter Cameron, and Sabir Pirzada.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinions.

Moon Knight Episode 3 review


The third episode of Marvel's Moon Knight returned with the quest that viewers had been waiting for: the search for Ammit's tomb.

The first episode of the series saw Steven Grant switching between Marc and himself. However, in the third episode, even Marc could not get a grasp of what was happening to him. He is usually the one in control when anything violent or bloody takes place. But this time, someone else was in control.

It's all in the details

The show certainly puts viewers into a world of horror and jump scares. However, The Friendly Type slows down to talk about anthropology-driven adventures like being inside a pyramid or doing some map-hunting.

From exciting action sequences to intricate mythologies, the episode had it all. It even took out time to explain how stars and constellations change and shift over time, which is a key plot point in the series and a narration-driving aspect.

The episode also showed viewers how the other gods aren't keen on Khonshu. However, the show is yet to explain the reasons behind his banishment and why he is now looked down upon by the other gods.

From what viewers know, Khonshu chose to believe in humanity when the others gave up on it.

Full of thrills

Some of the highlights from the episode include seeing the now-deceased Gaspard Ulliel on-screen.

Another highlight was the connection to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the wider MCU, courtesy of a reference to the mythical country, Madripoor.

Oscar Isaac's performance was once again commendable as he transitioned back and forth between Steven and Marc effortlessly. Marc has become even more thrilling, especially now as he uses the cape to its full potential.

Moon Knight has evolved from a 'caped crusader' show to an exploration of mental health through Steven's dissociative identity disorder.

Episode 3 is now streaming on Disney+.

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