Moon Knight Episode 2 recap: It takes two to summon the suit (Spoilers)

Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight Episode 2 - Steven and Marc (Image via Disney+)
Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight Episode 2 - Steven and Marc (Image via Disney+)

The madness between Steven and Marc continues this week on the latest episode of Moon Knight.

The second episode of the series was directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, alongside Michael Kastelein as the writer. The episode revolved around Steven's better-known alter ego Marc Spector and dives deep into his past and history with Khonshu.

Here’s a recap for Moon Knight episode 2, Summon the Suit.

Moon Knight episode 2: Recap


Episode 2 of Moon Knight continues with Steven's struggle to control his personalities. The previous episode gave viewers an introduction to Steven Grant and his not-so-happening life, with his other personality taking over at the end.

The episode picks up again from Steven waking up unsure about his reality. He returns to his workplace and discovers that the bathrooms were destroyed, which he is to blame for. He was fired from his job, especially since he was unable to explain what really went down that night.

Steven then decides to hunt down Marc and understand what is going on. He used the key he found to access a storage unit rented by Marc. When he reaches the unit, he sees merc gear and the mysterious scarab there, later arguing with Marc in the reflection. He then learns that Marc is Khonshu's avatar and his history is soaked in their blood.

Never ending madness

Steven then decides to end the madness by turning himself in to the police, so he tries to escape Marc only to be greeted by Khonshu himself. He manages to escape the moon god and runs into Layla in the street, who knows him as Marc.

The two head over to Steven's flat and he learns that they are married, but almost on the way to a divorce. Steven also learns that the two have had adventures in Egypt and had a whole life together, so he hands over the scarab to her. However, they were interrupted by two pretend-cops who took Steven to Arthur Harrow. During all this, Layla manages to snap the scarab and hide.

During his ride to Arthur's hideout, he learned that Marc had killed a group of archeologists, execution-style. Meanwhile, he argues with Marc about not letting him take control of the body, which is interrupted by Arthur, who treats Steven with what he experienced as Khonshu's former avatar.

Suited up

Viewers will also learn that Arthur moved his loyalty to another god, Ammit, whom he wishes to set free so that she saves the world. He uses his connection to her to judge souls and open the Du’at to summon jackals. Marc's mission, on the other hand, stays clear of keeping the scarab safe.

Steven, as Mr. Knight, tries to beat up the jackal that only he can see. After several attempts to fight the monster, he gives in and lets Marc take over as Moon Knight. As soon as Marc takes over, things change and the jackal ends up impaled. Unfortunately, the scarab lands with Arthur.

Marc's anger at the situation helped him stay in control over the body and not let Steven take over. Khonshu makes another appearance and berates him for his failure, reminding him about their deal. This episode of Moon Knight closes with Marc looking out of a hotel room in Ciaro, where it all began.

Analysing the end of Moon Knight Episode 2

This episode of Moon Knight ends with Marc promising Steven that once he repays his debt to Khonshu, Steven won't hear from Marc ever again. He also revealed that if they don't listen to Khonshu, he will take over Layla as his next avatar, which is something Marc does not want.

As he still wants to get rid of Khonshu, Marc continues his mission and reaches Egypt in a druken state to silence Steven. The upcoming episode will unveil how Marc was able to keep Steven down and what Arthur will do next, now that he has the scarab.

Stream the latest episode of Moon Knight, available now to stream on Disney+.

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