Moon Knight Episode 2 review: Mr. Knight outshines Moon Knight in Marvel series 

Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight - Steven/Marc as Mr. Knight (Image via Disney+)
Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight - Steven/Marc as Mr. Knight (Image via Disney+)

It was about time for Marvel to introduce the friendly alter ego of Moon Knight, a.k.a. Mr. Knight.

The latest episode of the series gave viewers a chance to learn more about Marc Spector and his double life as Steven. From Layla's introduction and Arthur's past to summoning the suit as Mr. Knight, the episode outshined itself, thanks to Oscar Isaac's perfect delivery as the alter egos. The episode, Summon the Suit, was directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, alongside Michael Kastelein as the writer.

It's now time to dive in and dissect the second episode of the Marvel series.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinions.

Moon Knight Episode 2 review


The second episode of Marvel's Moon Knight marked Layla's first appearance, who met Steven after he learned about Marc's storage unit full of weapons, money, and passport. Viewers don't learn a lot about Layla but that she is Marc's wife and does not understand Steven as a person and is not a mimic. The concept of Steven and Marc co-existing in one body seems weird to her.

Later in the episode, viewers also learned that Arthur Harrow was once an avatar of Khonshu, but for all they know, he could be lying to get his way. It is clear that Arthur wishes to resurrect Ammit to "save the world."

The "friendly" one

The highlight of this week's episode of Moon Knight was the Mr. Knight suit, an all-white three-piece suit with a flowing face mask and matching gloves. This persona of Moon Knight is considered to be the "friendly-one." He is the one that Khonshu uses to approach innocent people who need help, basically the superhero side. While he might be a fan-favorite in the comics and in the Marvel series, the suit is not a separate persona but a result of Steven "summoning the suit."

The real frustration kicks in when Steven wishes to understand Marc's mission while Marc pushes to take care of the problem. But what makes the series stand out from the usual alter-ego themed shows and movies is the visual metaphor used for the alters to speak to one another, a.k.a. the reflections instead of the disembodied voices.

The horrifying past

While there may be many questions left to be answered and several loose ends, this is just the beginning of a never-seen-before series by Marvel. Plus, there is a certain amount of excitement about not having the answers yet, but viewers only have six more episodes to understand Marc's entire history - his life before Khonshu, his deal with the moon god, his disorder, and his life since the takeover.

Marc's Moon Knight may not be as intense as the other Midnight Sons - Daredevil and The Punisher, but it is still thrilling to see aspects of his alter egos and the power he holds, which is beyond his control. Metaphorically, Khonshu's constant presence is a horrifying reminder of Marc's past that is yet to be unveiled.

Episode 2 of Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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