What time will sMothered Season 4 Episode 3 air on TLC? Paula x Francia’s massage session and more details explored

sMothered Season 4 Episode 3 airs on Monday on TLC (Image via paulacontento/Instagram)
sMothered Season 4 Episode 3 airs on Monday on TLC (Image via paulacontento/Instagram)

Episode 3 of sMothered Season 4 will air at 9 pm ET on August 22. After a fight on the last episode of the TLC show, mother-daughter duo Francia and Paula will try to bury the hatchet with the help of a massage session.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode, titled The Other Mother, reads:

"Paula and Francia kiss and make up with a sensual massage; Dawn and Cher take a pole dancing class; Sunhe pushes Angelica toward giving Jason an ultimatum; Laura Leigh puts her foot down with Lisa about her unborn child."

About sMothered Season 4 Episode 3

In the latest episode of sMothered, mother-daughter duo Francia and Paula will mend their relationship after having a fight over Paula’s behavior over former’s date.

Paula will be seen giving her mother a massage to heal their bonding. In the confessional, Francia says:

"We choose massages because that’s the way we can get in contact with each other. We are very keen aesthetic so by feeling the hand of my daughter healing me is so wonderful way to make up."

Paula, who believes gives the “best massages,” loves massaging her mom. In the confessional, she says:

"I love giving my mom massages. I love making her feel good. Like I am very physical in the way I communicate so I love to transfer love to people through my hands."

Francia believes that “its very important to have a physical contact” with her daughter after a fight. She loves to “hug her, kiss her” to makeup after a conflict. But despite the fact that she “adores” her daughter, Francia belives that sometimes they both need “separation.”

All about Paula and Francia’s relationship on sMothered

Since the premiere episode of sMothered, Paula and Francia’s close bonding has irked fans. The mother-daughter duo do everything together and have been very close to each other since Paula was a child.

Speaking about their bonding in the premiere episode, Paula said:

“I am Paula. I am 27 years old. In a perfect world, I would spend all the hours in a day with my mom. N*ked and in the bed.”

In episode 2, Paula gave a glimpse to the viewers about her overprotective nature towards her mom.

In the previous episode, Paula gets to know that her mom “met someone” on a dating site and she will be meeting this man on a dinner date instead of “coming back home after work” to have a “dinner date” with her daughter.

This revelation upsets Paula, who confesses to the makers:

“This is the first time that I’ve heard about this guy at all. I didn’t even think that she was thinking about dating right now. I absolutely hate it when she keeps secrets from me. I don’t keep anything from my mom. I tell her absolutely everything. She knows everything about me. So it hurts when I don’t get same treatment from her and especially if she keeps something as important as a date from me.”

But to clarify her move, Francia said:

“I didn’t tell Paula because she really gets possessive of me. It’s like she owns me. She always wants to see my interactions with other men and wants to make sure that whoever am dating is a king that treats me like a queen.”

Paula later gate-crashes her mother’s date night and takes her away, shocking Francia’s date. Paula's over-possessiveness towards her mom even shocked the fans.

Francia & Paula are not normal. That has incest written all over it. 🤮#Smothered
@MsAudioJB I asked myself, “who’s the mother???” Im still dumbfounded about the whole thing.
Francia and Paula’s relationship makes me uncomfortable😅 #smothered
@_Pooksz Yes!!! @TLC these two are alot.
Everything about Paula's behavior screams mental issues..Like the mentality of a 10 yro. Wtf #smothered
@QueenBeeMe411 Honestly it's scary!
Paula has mental issues..this is not a joke. Like im really afraid of that lil girl living with them like i honestly dont trust paula with that lil girl physically i hope child protective services is watching #smothered
#sMothered It is just not normal for a daughter to be jealous and possessive of her mother at the idea of her dating. Francia & Paula’s (nudist) touchy relationship isn’t normal. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Sorry, not sorry.
Did she really ask her mama to third wheel her mama date?! Girl go get yourself a date #smothered

Tune in on Monday on TLC to watch the latest episode of sMothered.

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