"She is evil and mean": sMothered fans slam Sunhe for ruining her daughter's relationship

Did Sunhe make Angelica break off her engagement? (Image via TLC)
Did Sunhe make Angelica break off her engagement? (Image via TLC)

Tonight on sMothered Season 4, fans met Sunhe and Angelica again. The mother-daughter duo shared drinks and talked about not being able to spend time together because of Angelica's daughter Amara.

Angelica revealed that she had called off her engagement with Jason but was still living with him as his girlfriend. Sunhe said that Jason was never right for her and that Angelica could throw a stone in any casino and find a better man than him.

She called Jason "the babysitter" and fought with him because he fed Amara bananas while they were out. When Jason pointed out that she was living under his roof as a guest, Sunhe reminded him that she took care of Amara as well as everything else in the house, so she was not a guest.

Jason said that while Angelica claimed that she broke off the engagememt, it was really Sunhe's decision to do so. sMothered fans agreed with him and felt that Sunhe was interfering in her daughter's life, ruining her personal relationships in the process. They called her out for being mean to Jason.

I can't stand #Sunhe ๐Ÿคฌ she is evil and mean especially to Jason. #Angelica sucks too. #smothered

sMothered fans call out Sunhe for being rude to Jason and interfering in her daughter's life

Viewers who saw the latest episode of sMothered took to Twitter to warn Angelica that Sunhe was destroying her life by interfering in her personal relationships. They also slammed her for being rude to Jason in his own house.

Sunhi will ruin every relationship her daughter and granddaughter ever have. #smothered
@SuzanaD3 Jason seems to let them take over his entire household. AND WE KNOW Sunhi is who called off the wedding. #SMOTHERED
Good Lord, Sunhe, is truly destroying her daughter. She is absolutely one of these most manipulative person I have ever seen. #smothered
Right Sunyi....and Amari needs her dad, so step TF back and let them be happy! Hell.....where is your man at anyway?!?! #Smothered
Sunhe needs to stop. That ainโ€™t normal. #sMothered.
If you think Sunhe will EVER approve of anyone, youโ€™re delusional #sMothered
Sunhi your a psychopath #smothered
Damn but Angelica is in love with Jason, Sunhe need to let her daughter be happy #smothered
You mean Sunhe called off the wedding #smothered
She living in his house yet talking trash #smothered
#smothered sunhe this woman has always been nasty towards Jason and treats him like garbage. If Angelica continues to treat Jason disrespectful the mom will continue as well! Not cool

What else happened tonight on sMothered?

In the latest episode, fans met a new mother-daughter team - Paula and Francia. Apart from partying and dancing together, the two claimed to share such a strong bond that they even go to the bathroom at the same time. Viewers also learnt that Paula and Francia shifted to the USA when Paula was just 9 years old. The duo did not know English back then. This made their bond stronger.

Francia felt that Paula was the one who sometimes smothered her. She also shared that she was going to adopt her sister's daughter Alejandro from Columbia.

Paula, however, was afraid that her mother would not pay attention to her after Alejandro's arrival and said that she did not want to share her mother with anyone.

The description of the latest episode reads:

"Mother Francia and daughter Paula love to cook naked together. Angie teaches her newly transitioned daughter, Shay, to shave her legs. Cristina is hiding something from her mom, Kathy. Sunhe grills Angelica about her future with Jason."

Fans also met Shay and Angie, a mother-daughter duo who stay together 24*7. Shay was born with a heart complication, which made Angie very connected to him for the first 10 years of his life. At 22, Shay came out as a transwoman.

In the episode, Angie taught Shay how to shave her legs.

sMothered airs on TLC every Monday at 9 pm ET. The episodes will also be made available on TLC Go one day after the television premiere.

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