“Pointless debate”: K-pop fans react to Red Velvet’s leader being friendly to her staff in new reality series “Irene's Work & Holiday”

Red Velvet's Irene poses for a concept photo (Image via SM Entertainment)
Red Velvet's Irene poses for a concept photo (Image via SM Entertainment)

Red Velvet’s Irene launched her reality series, 'Irene's Work & Holiday', which aired its first episode on August 4, showcasing her everyday life.

The first episode of the seezn-original reality series continued to show the idol's relaxed and down-to-earth side as she politely asked the staff members if they had breakfast or not.

This sparked a heated debate in the online community as netizens pointed out that SM Entertainment is trying to reverse Red Velvet member's image which was negatively affected by her attitude scandal in 2020.

Netizens opined that SM Entertainment is trying very hard to show a kinder and more sensitive side to her personality and “clean up her image”.

Some fans commented that it is a “pointless debate” as she will obviously be nice in front of the camera.

Netizens had some harsh statements to make towards the idol. Check out the comments below:

Red Velvet fans jump in to defend leader Irene from vicious trolls

On August 4, Red Velvet member's new reality program broadcasted its first episode through the streaming platform Seezn.

In the first episode of the idol's first-ever reality show, cameras followed the Red Velvet member through her daily schedule. In particular, the episode showed Irene getting her hair and makeup done at a salon.

Of course, Red Velvet fans were not going to take this lying down and immediately jumped in to defend her from the continued attacks on her personality by vicious trolls.

Fans pointed out that the Psycho singer is human after all and has already apologized for her mistakes and should be given a second chance at redemption.

Some ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fans) believe that one stray incident doesn’t reflect her entire personality and cited examples of how staff members and industry people have always praised the idol.

A lot of fans believe that many K-pop idols must be rude and problematic, and they have not been outed yet.

Red Velvet’s leader was embroiled in a power abuse controversy in 2020

It is unrelated to the recent issue, but two years ago Red Velvet’s leader drew major flak from K-pop fans and netizens over her attitude problems with staff members.

Back in 2020, Red Velvet’s leader became involved in power abuse claims after a fashion editor who worked with the idol revealed, in a now-deleted Instagram post, that the Monster singer had mistreated her, and lashed out at the staff members.

After facing severe backlash from netizens, the Red Flavour singer and SM Entertainment rendered an unconditional apology on the issue. Irene accepted her fault and shared that the said fashion editor has exchanged "sincere apologies" and put the past behind them.

More recently, Red Velvet's leader was entangled in a second wave of power abuse claims after she was spotted at an airport in Bali, Indonesia with her staff members.

In the viral video, which was circulated online, staff members were seen pushing their luggage, while the Red Velvet member only had a shoulder bag. However, the matter didn’t become a burning issue this time.

Despite all of this, SM Entertainment has continued to show support for Red Velvet’s leader. The Psycho singer is the most popular Red Velvet member in China after BLACKPINK.

Netizens believe that Red Velvet’s leader will help SM Entertainment further strengthen its hold in China as they target the Chinese market heavily.

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