What time will The Deep End air on Freeform? Plot, trailer and more about the Teal Swan documentary

The Deep End is all set to feature Teal Swan, the spiritual guru (Image via Teal Swan)
The Deep End is all set to feature Teal Swan, the spiritual guru (Image via Teal Swan)
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The Deep End is finally here and is all set to chronicle the dubious practices of self-appointed spiritual teacher Teal Swan, who has 602,000 Instagram followers and over 145 million YouTube views.

Teal Swan has successfully launched a new mental health business based on her own experiences with suicide ideation and despair. Despite the fact that mental health professionals see her actions as risky and unethical, bordering on suicide glorification, her hundreds of thousands of followers disagree. The forthcoming docu-series on Freeform will tell the story of a controversial spiritual teacher who has amassed a large following as well as critique.

Trailer explored of The Deep End

Freeform is coming up with its new four-part docuseries The Deep End, and the trailer released offer viewers a glimpse of the influence of Teal Swan who has become an online spiritual influencer and also a cult leader.

The trailer released introduces viewers to Swan and her incredible group of followers who are nothing short of mesmerized by her influence and charisma. They hang on to every word of her's and even get tattoos of her, and deify her by comparing her to Christ. This absurd devotion is not uncommon to cult behavior but it is indeed surprising how Swan has managed to fashion herself as a cult leader. In the trailer, we see a glimpse of her aspirations and beliefs when she claims she will one day be more popular than the Pope one day.

Find the official synopsis of the series here

Swan claims she was born with clairvoyance, but mental health professionals accuse her of using words to manipulate depressed individuals for her personal gain. While her supporters may find her inspiring, officials believe her techniques are incorrect and perhaps hazardous.

The Deep End tries to further investigate this cult and cult-figure through its four sections, showing the kind of enigma Teal Swan is and providing insight into her teachings. The series' official synopsis is as follows:

"The Deep End” is an arresting and provocative exploration inside the world of one of today’s most controversial spiritual teachers and her dedicated followers. Filmed over three years with unprecedented access, it is an unflinching portrayal of an unregulated wellness industry, and the incredible lengths people will go to in their search for connection.

When will the Freeform series be released?

The Deep End is set to premiere on Freeform in May. The four-part docu-series' premiere date has been set for May 18. It will drop on Freeform on May 18, and will be made available next day on Hulu.

However, it can also be watched on streaming platforms such as fuboTV, Hulu Live TV and Sling TV if cable subscription is not available.

Catch Teal Swan and her cult following in the upcoming Freeform documentary.

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