What is the "tomato tomato tomato" trend on TikTok? Everything to know about the sound that expresses poor decision making 

Niqqitee created the viral sound on TikTok (Image via @niqqitee/Instagram)
Niqqitee created the viral sound on TikTok (Image via @niqqitee/Instagram)

TikTok has a new trending sound, and it's hilarious. Tiktok users are repeating "tomato tomato tomato" in their videos to express their disapproval of poor decisions made by others.

Using trending music can help creators get more views by landing them on the FYP section of the app. It helps in attracting hundreds of new followers because the creators using the same sound feel a sense of community.

The phrase "tomato tomato tomato" is used to express disagreement

The audio “tomato tomato tomato” was created by TikTok user, Niqqitee. In the video from December last year, she is seen rambling about something. She then concludes the video saying:

“Omg, corny. Lame. Booo. Tomato tomato tomato, throwing tomatoes.”

Most of what she says in the video is difficult to decipher. However, that didn't stop it from going viral and collecting over a million views in just six days. The audio is now being used by other creators to express their disagreement with others' actions and poor decisions. The accent in the audio adds a certain level of humor to it.

Niqqitee reshared the video on Instagram after the video went viral on TikTok. Her post read:

"Wow!!!! This video I made in my bedroom 6 days ago has amassed 1 MILLION VIEWS, and the sound has been used by almost 8,000 people for multiple scenarios. I gained over 8,000 followers in less than a week (now at 12k total) from this video and others I made afterwards."

According to her, the audio is a form of self-love. Nobody should settle for the bare minimum and glorify toxicity, as per her post. In an interview with YSNRadio, she said that it felt incredible to see her sound go viral and celebrities using it in their videos.

The audio has already been used in 214k videos that have garnered millions of views, and that is barring her original viral video.

Creators are using the audio to make POV videos

Social media creators are having a lot of fun using the audio creatively. It is mostly being used to create POV videos expressing frustration and irritation with other people.

Savage Universal used the audio on Instagram to call out photographers unwilling to click pictures in studio lighting.

Taylor Dannise shared her disapproval of doing brand promotions for free. She used the "tomato tomato tomato" audio while advising her followers to always ask for a payment.

@teachwith_ms.j on Instagram made a video expressing her frustration with constantly getting confused for a student when she is actually a teacher.

@bossmama_chan used the sound to drive away others' negative energy.

Bryce from @modmethod used the audio to address the unpaid overtime work expected of medical professionals.

Many other creators have used the "tomato tomato tomato" to address different issues and share their frustration. You may be inspired to create your own version of the trend!

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