What is Yella Beezy's real name? All about the rapper arrested in Texas on gun and drug charges 

Rapper Yella Beezy was recently arrested on gun and drug charges (Image via Instagram/yellabeezy214)
Rapper Yella Beezy was recently arrested on gun and drug charges (Image via Instagram/yellabeezy214)

Well-known rapper Yella Beezy is currently in police custody. According to TMZ, he has been busted in Texas on weapons and drug charges.

Records say that Yella Beezy was arrested on August 11 for possession of a controlled substance and the unlawful carrying of a weapon. The drug charge is a felony and the weapons charge is a misdemeanor.

The rapper shared a video on social media on August 10 that shows law enforcement searching a car. It shows police looking into the trunk and passenger door of an SUV pulled off to the side of the road.

Yella Beezy has been arrested for the second time in six months. He was previously arrested on weapons charges in February 2021 and later claimed it was a setup.

The latest update reveals that Beezy owned almost 400 grams of a controlled substance. He was also in possession of four handguns and a rifle.

The real name of Yella Beezy

Rapper Yella Beezy (Image via Instagram/yellabeezy214)
Rapper Yella Beezy (Image via Instagram/yellabeezy214)

Yella Beezy is a popular rapper from Dallas, Texas whose real name is Markies Deandre Conway. He is well-known for his singles That’s On Me, Bacc at It Again and Up One.

Yella Beezy grew up in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, and started writing song lyrics and rapping at the age of 13. He released his first mixtape, Mash Mode Overload, when he was just 14. His first hit single was released in 2015.


Beezy released his mixtape Lite Work, Vol. 2 in 2017 that included the song That’s On Peak which made it to number 56 on Billboard Hot 100. His next mixtape Ain’t No Goin Bacc released in 2018, included three hit songs and he started gaining popularity after opening for Jay-Z and Beyonce in Dallas and Houston on the On the Run II tour.

Yella Beezy’s mixtape Baccend Beezy was released in 2019 and featured hit tracks, Bacc At It Again and Restroom Occupied. The rapper was later featured on Eritrean model Rubi Rose’s single Hit Yo Dance.

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