When will Starstruck season 2 air on HBO Max? Release date and more explored

Starstruck promotional poster (Image via IMDb)
Starstruck promotional poster (Image via IMDb)
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Season 2 of Starstruck is coming soon on HBO Max and fans cannot wait to see more of Jessie and Tom's romance. The charming comedy from Matafeo and co-writers Alice Snedden and Nic Sampson is back again with six all-new episodes as the show delves further into the unique and blossoming romance of the duo.

Starstruck follows the story of a millennial, Jessie, who has undertaken the challenges of exploring a romantic relationship with Tom, who is a famous celebrity movie star. The series is back again with a second season that will soon drop on HBO Max.

What is Starstruck season 2 all about? Watch the trailer here

Romance meets reality. #Starstruck Season 2 is streaming March 24 on HBO Max.

Starstruck season 1 left viewers off at Jessie making a grand gesture and deciding to pursue a full-on relationship with Tom by ditching her plans to return home to New Zealand and staying in London with him instead. Season 2 will pick up the series from there and explore the challenges and consequences of this decision as the couple face ups and downs in their relationship as they struggle to make it work.

Watch the trailer here:


The trailer gives us a glimpse of the complications of the relationship and Tom’s acceptance of Jessie as his girlfriend around friends and family while she also treads some slippery grounds by hanging out with a male acquaintance behind Tom’s back. What does the future have in store for Jessie and Tom? Will they be able to have a happily-ever-after or will their relationship fall apart? Peppered with some funny moments and endearing shots of the couple striving to stay together and work on their relationship, Starstruck season 2 promises to be a hilarious and emotional watch.

How to watch the comedy drama? Release date revealed

#Starstruck, Rose Matafeo's new romantic comedy series at HBO Max, premieres on June 10

The wait for all Jessica-Tom fans is over, as HBO Max has revealed the release date of season 2 of the comedy drama. The series will soon drop on March 24, 2022, on the HBO Max streaming platform itself.

Viewers interested in learning the fate of Jessie and Tom's relationship will need a subscription to HBO Max to watch the series.

Starring Rose Matafeo, Nikesh Patel, Emma Sidi, Joe Barnes, Al Roberts, Ambreen Razia, Alice Snedden, Lola-Rose Maxwell, Nic Sampson, Edward Easton, Parth Thakerar, Jordan Stephens, and Minnie Driver, the drama series will soon be available to watch on HBO Max.

Catch the series on March 24, 2022.

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