When will The Last Bus Season 1 air on Netflix? Release date, trailer, and more about the British comedy series

There's a new sci-fi comedy-drama series coming to Netflix this April (Image via @laramcdonnellofficial/ Instagram)
There's a new sci-fi comedy-drama series coming to Netflix this April (Image via @laramcdonnellofficial/ Instagram)

The Last Bus is an upcoming sci-fi comedy-drama series set to be released exclusively on Netflix.

The series will follow a group of students who are forced to fight for their survival when humanity starts to get wiped out by robots called 'genie orbs.'

The Last Bus is written by Paul Neafcy and directed by Lawrence Gough, Nour Wazzi, Steve Hughes, and Drew Casson.

The cast list includes Nathanael Saleh, Amber-Rose Perry, Robert Sheehan, Tom Basden, Laura Crowhurst, Daniel Frogson, Curtis Kantsa, Lara McDonnell, Moosa Mostafa, Lauryn Ajufo, and more.

All about Netflix's upcoming comedy-drama series, The Last Bus

What is the release date of The Last Bus Season 1?

The first season of The Last Bus is all set to premiere worldwide on April 1, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. The season will have 10 episodes in total.

How's the trailer for the series looking?


Netflix dropped the official trailer for Season 1 on March 4, 2022. Alongside the trailer, they released a description of the series, which reads:

"A group of mismatched students on a school trip become unlikely heroes when a robot apocalypse zaps away the rest of humanity. The 10-episode action-packed sci-fi series THE LAST BUS stars Robert Sheehan (Umbrella Academy, Misfits), Tom Basden (After Life, Plebs) and an ensemble cast of exciting new talent." (Via Netflix @YouTube)

The trailer features monsters made of junk and horrific robots that the students will have to overcome in the apocalyptic world.

Based on the trailer, it's quite apparent that viewers are in for an exciting and humorous adventure. Expectations are quite high from the series.

What is the storyline of the series?

The series follows a group of mismatched school students on a field trip. During the trip, the students are introduced to 'genie orbs,' a new type of robot that billionaire Dalton Monkhouse built to clean the environment.

However, soon enough, the robots begin to vaporize the entire audience. With no choice left, the group of brave and determined students decides to take a road trip to look for Monkhouse and get an explanation for what is happening.

The series will star The Umbrella Academy actor Robert Sheehan as Dalton Monkhouse and After Life actor Tom Basden as Mr Short.

Nathanael Saleh will be seen portraying a character named Josh in the series. The young actor is known for his role as the "little bird" Arthur in Game of Thrones.

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