When will ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 7 air? Release date, trailer, and more

‘Yellowstone’ airs new episodes every Sunday (Image via yellowstone/ Instagram)
‘Yellowstone’ airs new episodes every Sunday (Image via yellowstone/ Instagram)

The seventh episode of Yellowstone Season 4 is all set to air this Sunday on Paramount. It is one of the network's long-running hit series, and never fails to entertain its fans.

The upcoming episode, titled “Keep the Wolves Close,” will finally bring Governor Lynelle Perry and John Dutton face-to-face. It will be perhaps their first meeting post the attack on the Duttons.

The official synopsis of Yellowstone episode 7 reads

“John is put in an awkward position by Governor Perry; Carter works to earn back Beth's trust; Jamie is in for a big surprise.”

Episode 7 releases on December 12

Yellowstone Season 4 episode 7 will premiere Sunday, December 12, at 8.00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on Paramount.

Those don’t have the channel can opt for different live streaming services, such as Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, Philo and fubo TV. Plus, the latest episode will be available on the Paramount network after it airs on cable.

‘Keep the Wolves Close’ preview


The trailer of Yellowstone’s upcoming episode, "Keep the Wolves Close," looks intense. Governor Perry is seen paying a visit to Dutton for the first time in a while.

In the series' preview, Perry is telling John that her office is ready to accept “a new generation of leader.”

Meanwhile, Beth has started her job at Market Equities and is seen being questioned about her loyalties in the trailer. Will this cause trouble between her and her father John? Only time will tell.

What to expect from the new episode of ‘Yellowstone’?

The new episode of Yellowstone will bring viewers a bit closer to exposing the attacker to the Duttons. This means Jamie will be put in a difficult spot.

Through previous episodes, it is known that Jamie’s biological father Garrett hired a hitman named Riggins to kill the Duttons — John, Kayce and Beth. However, the mission failed and now Garrett might try to jeopardize the reputation of the Dutton family. Which side will Jamie choose this time? Fans will find out soon.

Monica and Kayce, who have been trying to work their marriage, might finally give up on each other. Meanwhile, Beth and Rip are planning their wedding.

Yellowstone releases new episodes every Sunday on Paramount.

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