Where is Dotun Olubeko from? All about The Bachelorette season 20 suitor

Dotun wants to find an adventurous partner (Image via bachelor.com)
Dotun wants to find an adventurous partner (Image via bachelor.com)

The Bachelorette is just around the corner and we have our eyes set on all the suitors for Charity Lawson. Season 20 of the show will premiere on ABC on Monday, June 26. As usual, the suitors will have to impress the bachelorette of the season by going on various dates and forming a strong connection with her.

Dotun Olubeko is one of the 25 prospective suitors of the season. He is an Integrative Medicine Specialist living in Fresno, California, and comes from a Nigerian family, moving to the US when he was just a child.

He hopes that his future wife has the “same love for adventure and excitement for the little things like he does.”

The Bachelorette season 20 contestant Dotun Olubeko is an integrative medicine specialist

Dotun’s family moved to the US when he was just a child and now at 30, he is “so ready to find his person.” Olubeko attended California State University to get a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Services. He also holds a MS, Functional Medicine & Human Nutrition degree from the University of Western States.

Dotun is the owner of DPT fitness company, which provides personalized fitness programs to clients after collecting some data and helping them improve their “lifestyle, behavior and nutrition.” He also works as a performance guide for the Lifeforce organization.

According to his LinkedIn, he used to volunteer for the Down Syndrome Association of Central California for more than 10 years. Other than that, he has also helped lead various services at the Bulldog Pantry and Fresno State Revitalization Project. Dotun worked at the Jubilee Home Care before attending school and was a MetPro seasonal athlete.

He worked as a freelancer sports nutrition consultant for two years before joining The BodyBuilding LLC, where he worked until 2020. According to his The Bachelorette profile:

"(Dotun Olubeko) describes himself as open-minded, full of love and the best listener. The integrative medicine specialist has a zest for life and even once went on a spontaneous 45-day trip around Europe."

As of the writing of this article, he has 807 followers on Instagram with barely 26 posts.

About The Bachelorette season 20

This season’s bachelorette is Columbus-based child and family therapist Charity Lawson. She was a part of The Bachelor season 27 but Zach Shallcross chose Kaity Biggar over her in the finale. She is filled “excitement and gratitude” to get a second chance to find the love of her life.

The season will be hosted by Jesse Palmer, also helping her make the right decision and she chooses her right match. The suitors for her are:

  1. Aaron Bryant
  2. Aaron Schwartzman
  3. Adrian Hassan
  4. Brayden Bowers
  5. Caleb Arthur
  6. Caleb Balgaard
  7. Chris Spell
  8. Dotun Olubeko
  9. James Pierce
  10. Joe Menzia
  11. Joey Graziadei
  12. John Buresh
  13. John Henry Spurlock
  14. Josh Young
  15. Kaleb Kim
  16. Khalid Hassan
  17. Michael Barbour
  18. Nicholas "Nic" Barber
  19. Peter Cappio
  20. Sean McLaughlin
  21. Spencer Storbeck
  22. Tanner Courtad
  23. Taylor Pegg
  24. Warwick Reider
  25. Xavier Bonner

The men will have to compete for Charity's personal time and dates with her so that she chooses them in the end.

The Bachelorette will air on ABC every Monday at 9 pm ET until the finale, where Charity might get engaged to her new partner.

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