Where does the "I Wanna Go Home" TikTok sound come from? Song goes viral on platform.

"I wanna go home" audio trends on social media (via YouTube and TikTok)
"I wanna go home" audio trends on social media (via YouTube and TikTok)

Every day, new trends on TikTok appear in abundance, but the "I wanna go home" sound has led to a hilarious trend on the video-sharing platform.

I Wanna Go Home, or I Want To Go Home is a song performed by an African girl that became a TikTok sound in 2022. Video creators across social media sites have been using this viral audio to showcase a situation, setting, or action that would make them want to go home instead of being out.

Thousands of people use the sound to express their annoyance at being held up, stuck in a particular location, or doing a certain activity.

Where did the trending TikTok "I wanna go home" sound come from?


The original song is titled It's a Holiday and was created by a Nigerian gospel group of six siblings called Destined Kids. On December 25, 2011, Destined Kids, a notable Nigerian music group that many people within the country recognize, created a video for their song.

In the video, the children gather around one another and discuss how they will celebrate the holidays. One of the girls sings "I wanna go home" to the other group members and wants to celebrate the holiday with her mother. It is evident from the video that she and her classmates are stranded on campus despite not wanting to be there.

Most of the stories delivered through this sound are humorous and relatable. This is why many people eventually started participating in the trend.

The spread of the viral audio

On May 8, 2022, @esosaadun1 on TikTok posted a video meme that captioned the Destined Kids music video for "It's a Holiday" with "After coming to visit him, he starts pressing his phone." Within a month, the video received roughly 2.1 million plays and 175,000 likes. The numbers keep rising every day.


Inspired by @esosaadun1's video, creators started using the sound for their own content. On TikTok, people are creating fun videos with the sound showing somewhere they're not happy and want to go home, just like the girl singing.

Here's how you can participate in the trend

While some users only used the original "I wanna go home" audio, many remixes have been made on this audio. Others edited the audio by increasing the gain and making it very loud. They are making their way through almost every platform.

The video often includes a person recording themselves or zooming in on the particular thing that's making them want to go home.

TikTokers continue to develop inventive ways to incorporate the audio "I want to go home."


A TikToker, Aceeca Don, posted a video describing an extremely awkward date with the audio in the background. Don recalled that her date had invited her over to watch a movie on a very peculiar (and unsettling) screen setup at his house. The screen was tiny and awkwardly placed on the wall.

The "I wanna go home" audio is a great way to express homesickness, especially when one is outside or away from home. Also, when one may be stuck in an awkward situation with another person or simply don't want to work and be back home soon.

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