ID's Casey Anthony: The Real Story: Where is investigator Patrick McKenna today?

Patrick McKenna
Famous private investigator Patrick McKenna (Image via CBS)

Despite facing the national backlash, Casey Anthony was backed by people who believed in her innocence, including lead investigator Patrick McKenna from her defense team. The young mother first made headlines when news of her two-year-old daughter Caylee's disappearance spread. She was soon charged with murder when the child's remains were found and tried in one of the most heated trials.

While Casey's own parents thought she was responsible for killing her daughter and was termed "The Most Hated Mom in America," her defense tried to paint her picture as a victimized individual who was s*xually abused by her own family as a child. Due to a lack of forensic evidence, she was found not guilty.

Immediately after the trial, Casey reportedly moved in with investigator McKenna as their professional relationship continued. As of now, Patrick McKenna continues to work as a private investigator based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Who is private investigator Patrick McKenna?


Private investigator Patrick McKenna started his law enforcement career in 1975 as an Adult Probation Officer for the Cook County Adult Probation Department. Since then, he has performed many roles, including Senior Parole Officer for the Florida Department of Corrections, Program Director for the Florida Center on Sentencing Alternatives, and Program Director at Florida's Pride Halfway House.

McKenna founded his own private investigative firm in January 1984, making a name for himself in the business. The investigator has previously worked with well-known clients, namely John Lenon's former wife Yoko Ono, the Irish Republican Army, Howard Marks (Mr. Nice), and O. J. Simpson, among others. His impressive resume has helped him garner fame worldwide.

Patrick McKenna was given Casey Anthony's case after her arrest in October 2008 for killing her two-year-old daughter. The latter went missing in June 2008 and was only reported missing a month later by her grandmother. Although authorities started investigating the case, Casey did not seem worried about it. She was also caught lying to authorities on multiple occasions.

Additionally, when Caylee's remains were found, the police discovered duct tape still adhered to the hair strands, suggesting a premeditated murder. However, a forensic examination of Casey's automobile led investigators to believe that the stench of a dead person was there, and the mother was subsequently put on trial for murder.

Patrick McKenna and Casey Anthony remained friends even after the latter's murder trial


Patrick McKenna firmly believed that his client was innocent and put effort into supporting the defense. He used his skills to examine the allegations made against the suspect by the prosecution and assisted her in rebutting them. The jury found Casey not guilty on all counts, with the exception of four counts of providing false information to police.

McKenna remained friends with Casey even after the trial and decided to assist her in starting fresh. The program claims that Casey reportedly moved in with Patrick at his West Palm Beach residence in 2011 and that he assisted her in establishing her photography business in 2016. Despite failing this venture in 2020, he helped her again by starting a private detective business.

Casey later founded her own business with the intention of assisting those who have been wrongfully accused or convicted and occasionally conducts research for Patrick's cases. The latter is currently residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, continuing his work as a private investigator.

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