5 chilling details about Logan Schiendelman's disappearance

Logan Schiendelman (Image via @Synthetic_Ghost/Twitter)
Logan Schiendelman (Image via @Synthetic_Ghost/Twitter)

Logan Schiendelman's disappearance has long been a topic of discussion simply because of how little the authorities and the public know about it.

The young man of mixed descent seemingly disappeared into thin air on May 19, 2016, with nothing to indicate any suspicious motives or foul play. Since then, there has been no trace of the 19-year-old.

On the morning of May 20, 2016, a day after his grandmother last spoke to him, Schiendelman's Chrysler Sebring was discovered almost 20 miles away from his home, abandoned along the southbound lane of Interstate 5 in Rochester. Several witnesses also claimed to have either seen him or the car that morning. But none of it led to anything productive. The case remains open as of today.

Here are five interesting details from Logan Schiendelman's disappearance, a case that continues to baffle the authorities, even today.

Five quick facts about Logan Schiendelman's disappearance

1) Logan Schiendelman last spoke to his grandmother about an "epiphany" before he disappeared

On the morning of his disappearance, while speaking to his grandmother, Gebo, before leaving for work, Logan mentioned that he had an "epiphany." Recalling their conversation, Gebo said:

"He was just really nervous, which he isn’t usually, kind of on a mission."

Gebo was also the last person to see him alive.

2) Logan was a model student and well-liked among his peers

While investigating any personal issues or enmities that Logan had with his peers, authorities realised that he was not only a model student but also a football player at his school.

The public consensus was that he was a popular, well-liked, and well-mannered young man, who was friends with almost everyone.

3) His cell phone pings showed some unusual activity on the morning of May 20, 2016

Gebo got worried after Logan Schiendelman did not return home in the evening of May 19.

Later, Logan's cellphone tower showed the phone going up and down the local highway many times on May 20. A witness also claimed that he saw Logan's car drifting across the lines on the highway sometime during the afternoon. Another witness corroborated this, saying that the car was drifting almost like no one was driving it.

4) The authorities investigated drug links but they went nowhere

One of the only things about Logan that could be of some importance in his disappearance was his marijuana usage. His grandmother also said:

"I know he did a lot of smoking pot, and I’ve wondered sometimes if that caused a little bit of paranoia."

There was speculation about Logan owing money to dealers but it was soon dismissed due to lack of evidence about the same.

5) One witness reportedly saw Logan Schiendelman on May 20, 2016

One of the key witnesses in the case reportedly saw Logan with two Caucasian men standing near the back of his car on the morning of May 20, 2016, on Interstate 5. She also reportedly saw the car when once more on her way back, but there was no one around this time.

The witness helped police with descriptions of the two men but even that did not get the investigation anywhere.

Logan remains missing as of today.

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